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For homing missile bug, I noticed it happen a few more times. The following information may be useful about it:

  1. It shows the point values appear as if you hit the person(for example, -18 in red from the enemy and +18 in green above you). Furthermore, it does not show the animation of the points actually flowing to you.
  2. The homing missile continues in its path after “hitting” the enemy.

For the air death bug, it also happened once more to me:
It occurred in quick play, and in both the custom room and quick play instances, I was the one who fired the time bomb, and I was the one who died an air death near its prior explosion radius.

For the flashing bug: It also happened once more, to me. I was purple. I began flashing when I became terribly close to crashing into another person’s curve, but avoided it narrowly. It was the same sort of flashing that appears when a ship spawns, or dies, so perhaps I went close enough to the curve for the AI to think I died?



I recently interviewed Legolas, lethean, and one other player who preferred to remain anonymous. All were ruby rank. I asked them about thoughts on the game.

Q1: Are there any age groups you feel that the game specifically appeals to? Here, the answer was unanimous. All the players I asked this believed that the game appealed to all age groups equally.

Q2: How do you feel about the game? All three players felt that older and more high-level players were not as engaged in playing anymore. However, their exact opinion on the game was ambivalent: Legolas disliked it and played it casually to “kill time,” where as lethean enjoyed it but believed that other features could be added.

Q3: What are your opinions on updates? All three disliked the updates, at least in some manner. All of them also preferred the “old”/original graphics, and Legolas enjoyed the original game mode more than the current one. lethean commented that due to the major updates, he had to “relearn” established tactics. The last one said that while the fact that the developers make regular updates reflects well on their involvement in the game, that there should be long-term changes in the game mode each time, a view shared by Legolas as well.

Essentially, it appears that they wanted the game to “settle down,” where it doesn’t get too many major updates that alter the gameplay.

““Q4: Is there anything you would like to see in the future of””
Legolas and lethean suggested a team mode. Essentially, each side collected points for a whole team, rather than for themselves. Legolas claims that he played this mode with Owl and that he enjoyed it immensely.

Since people would enjoy teaming alongside friends, so lethean suggested altering the lobby to click on who you would prefer to team with, although he did say that this would be “a big ask.” Legolas said that balancing should still be present, however: both teams should be around an equal skill level, or something of the sort.

It remains unspecified whether they wanted team mode to replace the current one or be a separate one, it is an interesting prospect nonetheless.

All three also suggested skins. While Legolas was quick to point out that all ships are essentially skins, as they no longer have specialization, lethean and the other player I interviewed wanted curve patterns and colors, such as in cf3 and such. They said that it would keep older players more hooked to the game.

They also suggested, last but not least, to have events. Lethean said that this would “show that the devs are interested” even if they stop making actual game updates. For example, halloween-related events and such, or perhaps a “Nerd event” near the time for the annual International Math Olympiad.