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Hello Curvefever Pro community,

Curvefever Pro is a large and growing game that is now constantly gaining players, whether they’re guests or new accounts in general. This is largely due to regular updates that our friends the Hidden Monster Games have implemented :slight_smile: For example, one update the I loved was the profanity filter. Sure, my chat is spammed with asterisks, but you can’t imagine what people were saying before. Stuff like [censored] , or sometimes [censored] , and maybe even [also censored] . So, heads up!

Nevertheless, in line with this, I have several suggestions(and maybe a bug or two I’ve noted) that may be interesting:

1. A homing missile bug . When ya fire a homing missile and it hits a person, it sometimes doesn’t give you the points. It even shows the points(-16 from the enemy and +16 to you, for example), but doesn’t add in the points themselves. This sporadically happens and has kept me from wins.

2. Some strange flashing bug…. So, uh, there is this game I played recently where the red player(who was a trigon ship of some sort – I forgot which one, but certainly not tier 5 or higher) began flashing near the end of one round. There were two players still surviving, red and purple. Might wanna look into it.

3. Air deaths. Yes, they still happen, unfortunately. Or at least, in custom they do. It happened once in a custom game: I used a time bomb, and after it exploded, when I went near the explosion radius, I, uh…died for no reason.

4. An interesting explosion effect . It’s known that whenever a mine blows up, it takes out chunks of the curves in the area. Here’s a cool idea: the edges of the curves that were attached to the decimated parts should glow a bright orange for a second and cool down into black. There should be a setting to disable it, however, since it may cause lag.

5. Some nice ol’ graphics . If you’ve still got the files for the original art style of the ships and modules, then please, Hidden Monster Games, switch it to that for a while. A change is nice!

6. One-shot? Nah. The one-shot power is seriously…underpowered. The problem is, it’s hard to get someone with it now, like really hard . So, make it such that one-shot can break through curves, partially. Like it used to :slight_smile:

EDIT: According to feedback, if you master one-shot, it is enormously powerful. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still want it to break through curves :smile:

7. Take a look at ‘em game maps . One distinctive feature of the Curvefever series was the fact that the map for each game was a sort of…“torus.” Essentially, you could go through an edge of the map and pop up on the other side. I think this should be allowed again. However, maybe don’t allow powers and shots to do this as well? For example, if you shoot a fever at an edge, rather than going through an edge, it’ll be stuck there.

Another thing is, maybe ship sizes should be decreased and gaps between curves increased? This’ll make the game easier to learn and more appealing for new players as well, and possibly less rages and computer smashing.

8. Pay for a way? No way! Ok, so we know what the problem is: Curvefever Pro is easily a pay to win. Ya pay, ya win. Simple, dimple, pop a pimple. Or actually, not so simple. Players who pay can be targeted verbally by others for paying(not too often, don’t worry). The main issue, however,x is that this makes the game unfair, and it’s as clear as a sore thumb stuck in banana mush. However, rather than removing these pay-to-win features, just alter a few, but largely add in things that you can’t pay to win to excel in. It’s a win-win! Hidden Monster Games still gets the bucks they love(no offense – just meant to be a joke here, although it’s a dead joke now that I said this…sigh), and players are (mostly) appeased!

Examples include league and rank prizes. Right now, rank is about nothing but bragging rights. And they’re also something that you can’t(directly) pay for. Prizes should include gems and coins. Leagues give you tons of gems, and ranks within leagues give you coins.

Thankfully crates were buffed a month or two ago, so that’s good. Also, don’t add in any XP bonuses to buying stuff with real money, so that your XP actually defines…whatever it’s meant to define. If there are already XP bonuses, then just reduce them, and make them occur every 10 purchases, so that players have an extra incentive to buy, but it doesn’t make the game completely unfair.

9. Some love for Hide Self…please? Ok, so we all know that issue(well, maybe not all of us, but a good amount): No one gets points on Hide Self(and some other golden modules as well) until, like, after an eternity. Unless you buy it from the shop for, like, 2,000 gems or something. Might wanna increase the probability of getting points on it?

Just saying.

10. Eat my triple-flavor ship batteries! Sooooo, if anyone remembers, the three ship types(trigon, pentagod, and tetragon) used to have different abilities and such, and different modules that can be equipped. Higher tiers, too, used to have advantages, and different ships were, essentially, quite differentiated.

Aaaaaand now that’s not the case. All ships are created equal except for looks. They also serve pretty much no other purpose but looking cooler(In my opinion, none of them actually look cool) and maybe intimidating beginners if ya bring in a bad boy high-tier ship that can fill in a lot of spaghetti(I never understood that meme, though. Pretty sure it’s dead by now).

So, differentiate ‘em! Trigons should focus on speed, Pentagons on turn rate, and Tetragons should be all-rounder cowboys. Therefore, in a side-to-side race, a trigon will be able to outrun a Pentagon, but the Pentagon will dodge more whammies.

Balancing problems are inevitable, but let me tell ya, YOU CAN DO IT. That’s right, all you need is a motivational speech from a charismatic guy.

11. Custom map size matters. Yeah, it does. For example, me and my friend play on custom map. We get a small, limited map. C’mon man! It ain’t gonna work out like that, old West Town Billy! We gotta fix it. So in the settings, there should be two choices: Default map, or the limited map, or Full-Size map, the full-size version(and maybe two other choices: Be Able to Edge-Traverse(BEAT), or Be Able to Edge-Nontraverse(BEAN). Basically whether you can go through the map edges as described in point #7 above).

12. More modules! Since any module can be equipped to practically any ship type now, why not add in more modules and make the Hidden Monster Programmers’ hard jobs even harder ? Hmmmmm? Good idea, right?

Because I fully agree, not only because I am a schadenfreude and would like to see our favorite programmers suffer, but because it would also be a good update! There are tons of ideas out there! It’ll take some balancing, but pffft! It’s the now-hiding Hidden Programmers who’ll have to do it!


13. Maybe some turret modifications. The more turrets there are, the less turn rate all the turrets should have. People can lose points due to what I call “turret spamming,” when 2 people are left and for some whacky reason, all the turrets target one. Players can lose a lot of points or die dodging. Epic K.O!

So to balance this, the first to die will have the best turret and opportunities with a turret. When the second guy dies, he and first will have slower turrets with less turn rate(by 5%, maybe).

This might just also help with raging, because the first to die might know that they’ll have the best turret. When someone dies, BTW, all the preexisiting should flash red.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you and your grandparents enjoyed(nvr mind that was a weird remark)!

So, comment, like, share, and hopefully I don’t get demonetized!



Your Favorite CurverFever Pro Enthusiast


I think they should also add something like premium membership like in cf2 and premium members get extra benefits like special curves, extra powers , etc and they can choose any color they want and can choose special colors and they have special icon and premium tournaments like Also instead of just 2 powers, they can add 4 powers or something like that. And premium membership should be cheap like curvefever 2. 10 dollars or something for an year (or even less!)

and premium members should also be able to use any power (even if they havent unlocked it) in unranked custom games.

  1. Have you even tried to play with one shot? It’s pretty easy to hit the players if you are enough good and the attack is high, just try to master the power.

.8. Actually, is there even a players who had bought anything from the game? I haven’t seen them.

@meow , premium in CF Pro? Really? That is CF Pro, not CF 2…

  1. Hmm maybe I’m just bad with it, along with everyone else I’ve met on curvefeverPro.
  2. Yes. Owl. Legolas. A few others I’ve heard of(one’s name started with “G”). IDK. Still, it’s pay to win. And even if people don’t buy, adding in those features doesn’t hurt.


Well, for 6 i have to agree with @theangelov … oneshot is OP if u know how to use it

And for hideself 9 : The module itself is already at lvl 9 if you count from a basic level. Do you have other modules on lvl 9 or even higher? I have not seen many players which have that. So it is pretty clear that you dont get legendary points so easily. For myself i got 2 legendary points. And some others got 3 for hideslef alone.


Ok, thanks for your feedback. I’l edit 6.

As for 9, I have unlocked Hide self, but never got a point on it. I was offered points for several hundred gems, but I don’t buy, so I was unable to purchase it. A friend of mine has hide self, but can’t use it due to lack of points on it, despite 3 months with it.

So maybe tweak it so that you get enough points to use it easily, but after that keep the probability of getting a point as low as it is?


Wait a second. I don’t think you meant to write ‘7’ there.


Yup I have spent money on the game. I enjoy playing it and I have the means (money) to spend a little bit on cfpro instead of on lets say a bottle of soda or random sweets.

One shot is one of my favourite powers :3 Oneshot + trippy/steerless is bae




Are you German? :thinking: :raised_hands:t4:


No, search it up on the dictionary. It means someone who enjoys another person’s pain in a perverse way.


I know, it’s a German word I think


Indeed,there are like 60 participants in today’s tour

  1. Its a lot. Took me forever to link all the cells together in the excel last night x.x


YES please add all those things in i think it would make the game better and more fun :smile:


…did you search it up, hashtag? it’s not german. It’s english, but it’s roots are in german.


@Paul21cl and owl, yes, I’ve seen over 170 at one point


I’m from Germany and we have this word here xD


Ok just search it. Don’t mean to be rude, but it’s an English word too. Not that you said it isn’t.

But nice to know you’re from Germany! I have a friend who lives there. Never actually been there. I heard something about immigrants moving in because of a governor or something…

sigh Why am I even talking about politics…?


Hello @Dragonfyre ,

Thank you for giving your opinion on Curve Fever Pro! We always value feedback to improve the game :slight_smile:

I will do my best to come back on a few points you mentioned.

– Homing misile and air death bug:
I am currently not aware on how this developed itself or how frequent this happens. The best thing for everyone to do is to make the developers aware of the problem. By making a topic or adding info to an exisiting one in bugs, you will help the developers with finding the problem :smiley:

– The new explosion:
Some people like the explosion and some don’t. The community seems to be divided about this new addition. Myself, I have noticed some lagspikes when an explosion happens too. Your idea to disable the effect could be useful for some!

– Going through “The wall”
When looking back at some of the YouTube videos and other feedback topics, the reason you can not go through borders is mostly to avoid an overload for the player. Having all the fevers drop or shoot where you want and having you go to the other side could be confusing. This was implemented in the game for some time but got removed after checking the pros and cons :wink:

– Custom maps
If this would be a feature, which would be cool :blush: , this will come along with a full custom room system. Many people have been suggesting this. It would come in handy to create some unique new playstyles and modes.