Pre match rank is incorrect


Incorrect announced rank at start:

I played and i ve seen at the start the reward of the first.
I seen the first will win 126 points for ranking!
I said
I've been first and i won (in fact no but the animate say) 126 points!
So, what is the problem?


I looked into your last two matches and it did not show that you received 126 points; your last game showed +11… this type of payout rank is possible if you had bonus points though.

can you post the match id


When new players start accounts they can get payouts like this because of bonus rank.



I was in gold but im not really sure i got 126 points…
The animate were showed at the end and says i was diamond… and i wasn’t diamond.
I m looking at my matches.


Replays are erased??? Cant find it because i forgot…
Another bug: look at that photo…

There is no host !



I did many matches today.


I looked at your matches when you posted this and there was no +126, but you can always look through your match history and see as that goes back about 100 matches or so.


Also please don’t report multiple bugs in one thread.


Ok. thank you.


This is a known bug, it sometimes shows you get a huge amount of points but you actually don’t. Devs know about this and will try to fix it, if the haven’t already.


The bug have another problem: if i play in bronze arena i ll win(not really but that is what is announced)>200 points and in diamond 5.


Will be fixed in the next update

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