Power up is can*cer af


Ok so I was first place because I managed to survive the more ( I basically was the last or the 2nd last every rounds )

and then the last round EVERYBODY started to throw power ups on me and i fucking lost ALL MY POINTS and went straight up from 1st place to 4th

this is so cancer ???


I guess you need to get better at dodging


Also, im a stealer and i generally don’t be first in the start of the last round if there are a lot of good guys. I just stay a little under the first guy and that way, no one targets me from the start.


Like LMAO I was first, a guy just ran to me, hit me with a power up and instant suicided because he won by stealing my points

tell me this isnt fckng cancer and rewarding the worst player ???

Like the goal of the game is not even surviving or whatever it’s just focusing the guy with most points AND SUICIDE RIGHT AFTER HITTING HIM ??

This is soooooooooo bad you guys really dont realise ?

Like it rewards the player who plays the more like a piece of trash and everybody is okay with that ?

Oh yea lets play bad till the last round, and just running to the winner and stealing his points with my 2 dmg power ups, damn dude I deserve my first place XDDDDD


Lmao I literally just started to play like a retard, and went straight up from last to first because I just stole all the points from the 1st :slight_smile:

wow I’m feeling so skilled and well deserving right now :slight_smile:


@myutsu Cancer and mental disabilities are not subjects to joke about.


I get where you are coming from but I still don’t understand the context. :confused:


These sections:


That’s the way the game is.
Being first at the beginning of a decisive round does not guarantee your victory.
Always drive carefully and protect yourself when you’re wearing the crown.


@vode yes thank you, its hard to find ppl on curve who aren’t like this


@Myutsu what is your combo?


I play with the power dash and the stealth mine atm