Power indicators in the game showing wrong powers



Some person has zap and homing in a survival game room #what is going on curve fever pro


Are you sure ut was a survival room? Sometimes it showes different modules if you change them… so possibly he had some others.

But it is def a bug :joy:


im absolutely positive i was the host of the room and set it to survival


Do you have the match id?


give me a second




Thanks for the report.
I’m 95% this is just a visual bug.
As you can see in the replay he never managed to use the zap or use the homing missile so he actually had no powers equipped on the server.

I think it’s just a timing issue that the match starts while changing powers when you are already ready.
It’s quite tricky and don’t fully understand yet what’s causing it but that logic is going to change soon anyways so that will hopefully solve the issue.


replay if anyone wanna see


im the gray trail in @DefaultBoi replay above me

Survival is so gliched

Should have been fixed in 1.8