Power Ideas


Switch Ends: The curve starts running on the other end (it’s closest end after the latest gap)

Vanishing: The tail vanishes as the curve keeps going. Campers would like this.

Firewall: It sets a relatively large line of fire anyone who steps on loses point including the player who casts it. The fire goes away after some time but the power has very long cooldown.


Nice ideas @SuperHans but CurveFeverPro will not have any updates :frowning:


It doesn’t hurt to have ideas though. It’s actually kinda fun.


Yeah ik thats fun


Nice ideas but @The-Golden is right CFP is not going to be developed anymore. #ripcfp




What if CFP is sold to different owners? Could we still have updates then.


Hmmm maybe @Sniper_G


If there is no more updates, wouldn’t everyone be too op?


Hmmm… I think that no