Power Dash Trickshots



Send your powerdash trickshots here! I made this topic due to loving the power dash so much you can use it so you can easily get past other peoples curves, or power dash into someone and kill them! Ill post some of mine in here as well! :slight_smile:


Eh… Im dia 3 and i dont use pow dash but ill try to use it!


Powerdash can enchance the speed of shots, fevers, and mines.




check this one out


counts! :smile:



Try to use hide + power dash. Hide self, then when you powerdash, the line appears.


I’m gonna post some stuff here after I get some nice trolls


i always thought about hide + powerdash as being retarded bc powerdash removes hide :rofl:


Nah, the lines can block other people


Nice! :slight_smile:




Idk if the jump was necessary…


The 2nd one was Amazing


You can get a little bit further by dashing after jump. I could of made it without the jump though. I just think it’s clean and catches people by surprise. Once when I was chasing someone, he used his brake and I had a chance to jump dash over, landing right on top of him. I’ll gif the next time I get something similar. It definitly has it’s uses aswell as being a lot of fun.


this forum is rather very inactive and has been for a few weeks now! ill post one of my powerdashes to try and get it more active! https://gyazo.com/4673bb4a299e97ee326984be78d4af0b


Idk these aren’t really trick shots its just how power dash works. I am more of a 180 guy though.