[poll] How many players in a quickplay room?


Hi guys,

I am wondering, how many players would you prefer in a quickplay room?

  • 4 players (field is also smaller)
  • 6 players
  • 8 players

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I feel that 6 is the right amount. 4 might work in different modes. With the current mode 4 would be too less of players and 8 would be too much, meaning that deads will be quicker?


I noticed that 5 players is most convenient to play, but for the action 8 player FFA would be just awesome! xD


6, but if we had the option for more in custom rooms that would be amazing.


I like the idea of 6 players in a quick playroom room but the option for up to 8 in a custom room.


6 in quickplay but for customs (and teams in the future) the option to have 8 would be great.