Points on Explosion 💥



Would it not be fun whenever someone dies and the explosion is within the radius of a player, this results in hitting the player and getting points?

so player A is curving and getting cut of by player B.

player A explodes while player B is still moving forward. However player C just went over the place where player A died, resulting in player A getting points from player C which got hit by the death explosion of player A.

if someone is going over this explosion. thats the idea. dont ask me how to quality is so poor, idk either.



i don’t understand


Bruh…no one is developing the game so suggestions/feedback aren’t being taken. :pensive:


did geert stop?


tbh i don’t know the details :man_shrugging:


i think he didnt


I think no


yes,no,maybe IDONTKNOW! can you repeat the question?