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Ok, so we all got Mr. Geert’s upcoming update thingamajig…right? For those who haven’t, it’s right here:

– Geert, God of Curves and Pros

Oooook, slow down there, Geert ma boy(sorry, didn’t mean any disrespect here).

Anyhoo, I have several things to say about it, first and foremost, that I am disappointed with it. Yes, might still be in my top 10, but that’s because I only play around 10 games, all free and online. But it’s lower on the list now, and might be just to kill time by now for me(jk I’m actually really excited about the customization. Might help with older players being reignited).

Here’s the thing: over the past months, to make the game more and more appealing to novice players’ XCS, Geert, et al have been making it less appealing to older players. So most of us shrugged it off; that’s fine , right? We lost a few players, but gained a ton more, with over 180 players sometimes waiting at quick play. A few tremors, and now another earthquake.


That was thrilling, ok. And now this update. I’m not saying that we’ll attract less players to this game in this manner, or lose more. Some of the stuff are actually cool. I’m just giving a suggestion that to me, is almost perfect. i.e, it’s gonna deal with all your problems regarding I mean, not that the devs are doing a bad job or anything. I’ve still got to try out the new update. Hopefully I’m not judging it way too fast. However, I am aware that the devs work really hard.

So, the main problem is, you’re removing most intricacy from the gameplay. Each person has only 3 modules per day. That give 3 choose 2 equals 3 possible pairings for powers. That’s it(once again, don’t take this judgement seriously, I haven’t tried the actual update out. Some of them are just meant to be jokes, don’t take them personally). Chill off, man. Please.

Ok, I know you probably reconsidered it a bunch before saying, “Yep. We’re gonna do dis update.” But I’ve got the almost perfect solution to all your problems and worries regarding the game and its growth! It’s free real estate! Just look below for ma suggestions, lads and lasses!

Geert mentioned that it was difficult for new players to understand the loot crate system. First things first: no, I don’t think so. Maybe I’m wrong there, though. Second, if you want to find something that novices really have trouble with doing, it’s making an account. These days, guests make up over a fourth of the people in Quick Play. That’s because it’s difficult to make an account. On the home page, there’s a little white text reading “Already have an account? Sign in!” There really needs to be something saying, “Don’t have an account? Make one here!”

Also, there really needs to be some sort of tutorial for new players. Some tips that I, as a player, have seen regarding in-game tutorials:

#1: Always have an “Exit Tutorial” button.

#2: Don’t make it too wordy.

#3: Commend the player, like “Great Job!” every now and then.

I know that there’s already a sort of tutorial in the game. Just, make it so that it mentions crates, which you said were difficult to understand. Something like, “Ooh! You’ve finished the round, so you’ve earnt a crate, some XP, and other items!” and then an arrow pointing at the crates area.

Aaaaanyways, moving on to my next point: prizes are a great way to boost your game. If players feel rewarded, then they’ll be more addicted to the game. A great example of this is Goodgame Empire. I don’t see how that can’t be in anyone’s top 3 for free games.

The great part about it is that the prizes are enormously bountiful, with countless events and camps to attain them. The major, and possibly the only, downside of this game is how time-consuming it is; you have to be on it 24/7.

However, it is nevertheless enormously addicting; it’s easy to level up fast, which also gives you prizes; you get prizes by earning points in events; you earn prizes just by spinning the wheel of fortune; and so, so much more.

At its basis, it gets money the same way does: free to play, but rubies you can pay for to get enormous advantages and prizes. The difference here is that you are oftentimes much more willing to spend your money on Goodgame Empire than on

That’s because the stuff you get is very beneficial. Since needing rubies for stuff is everywhere, Goodgame Empire also satisfies those who don’t pay by giving them rubies in amounts as well(120 at a time or something). However, you still level up slower, get less buildings done on time, have trouble supporting your troops etc., if you don’t buy rubies.

Yes, Goodgame Empire is a castle management game, whereas is entirely different. And yes, depends more on skill than Goodgame Empire does. But we can still learn from other games, can’t we? (BTW please play Goodgame Empire if you don’t trust me on how good it is. Play until level 15 or something just to get the feel)

So, it begins with prizes; we need to make players addicted through prizes. I’m not talking about just skins, but things that are actually valuable in-game. So we need to create more valuable things in game to give. Now that coins are gone, we could reintroduce them(and therefore ruin all the devs’ work on balancing), but there are other ways as well. But in this case, lets go with putting back in coins. I’ll walk you through my million-step plan, step by step .

Add in resources(i.e. iron, gold, bronze, etc.). These can be used to craft specific upgrades. The good part of this is that players will spend more time on the game, upgrading. You can get them through loot crates, and possibly other methods. Instituting in this sort of diversity will add an interesting edge. Of course, this may seem like stretching the game to genres it’s not meant to encompass, but don’t worry; I’ll detail it throughout the post.

For example, if you need speed, you can upgrade your tier-1 trigon’s engine with bronze and energix(some sort of energy crystal, a big iffy right now, like everything else I’m saying) to gain +5% speed. Maybe you need turning speed/agility; then, use bronze to alter the wings to get +10% turning speed. Again, more detail… incoming!!!

There are a ton of possibilities. However, as the god of himself, Mista Geert, mentioned(faith and begoyah, it’s a miracle!), people are not usually very excited to get crates, upgrade powers, etc. Besides the dependence on skill, it’s also because later on in your upgrading, you have to spend a ton of coins to get just a few upgrades(BTW in the first version of we actually were excited about getting new ships, because higher tiers were better than lower tier ones, and we unlocked more powers). It takes so much time(like, 3 days) just to upgrade a power that needs 2,000 coins unless you buy. I’ll talk about how you might wanna implement buying later on in the post.

First off, make leveling up easier . The thing about crates you receive after rounds is that you have to wait hours to open them after you receive ‘em. This is meant to be a driving factor for people to buy gems. For now, what happens if we remove the wait? That is, what if you get your XP bonus, materials, and points immediately after the round? This could be very important in altering how appealing the game is. If people don’t have to wait, then they wouldn’t have to come back the next day to open the crates, and play only the next day to get more, rather than coming back immediately. Having little or no wait likely means that they’ll play the game more, especially if the only reason for playing is crates.

Of course, this doesn’t promote buying gems too much in this case, so instead of completely eradicating the wait, make it one hour instead. Make it so that you need 400 gems to open up a crate that has a remaining wait time of one hour.

“400?!!” you may say. “Dragonface, isn’t that a bit too much?” No. The reason is, instead of giving out only 3 gems at a time from crates, give 30. Multiply everything by a factor of 10. It doesn’t change how many crates you need to open to get 400 gems. It just makes the numbers larger, which can make the player feel more rewarded. Psychology 101, kids.

After the game, you should receive XP based on how you did as well as the arena type(bronze, iron, silver, gold, emerald, diamond, amethyst, and grandmaster – 8 types for 8 ship tiers, something I’ll explain later on, it relates to leagues and levels). XP should be independent of crates. Whenever you level up, you should receive prizes in gems and coins, as well as materials(I know coins are removed right now, so I’ll discuss this later, as well as the materials part).

You earn a crate after each round as well, with a wait time of 1 hour. One thing I did like is that you can get all your crates on the same powers as you want, so I’d agree to that one. From the crate, you receive points on powers and materials(by points I mean the kind that let you upgrade it, not the kind that lets you use the module for games). The amount and type of materials depends on your level and crate quality, something I’ll get into later on as well. You also receive coins(independent of the crate) once you complete a game, which is based off of the arena type and your position in the game.

So, to specify how this all works out:

1: As I mentioned, you receive XP and coins based off of how good you did. This means where you landed in the scoreboard at the end of the game. It also depends on how close your score was, your level compared to others, and such.

If your level was at least a certain amount lower than the average level of the other players(and if you came first as well), then you receive a bigger reward because a low-leveler beat a bunch of more experienced players. However, if you don’t come first, then your level is only compared to the average levels of the players above you in the scoreboard. If your level was very low in comparison or such, you still get extra XP and coins.

Of course, some may say that this will encourage some to remain a low-leveler to farm coins. There are several counterarguments to this. Firstly, you’ll receive extra XP if you do good as a low-leveler, so you’ll level up faster. Second, you can’t lose XP, so you will eventually level up. Third, you get a ton of stuff and advantages if you level up, so people will want to level up. And other stuff too, of course.

Also, all of these are related to how close the game was. There should be an AI that estimates how “close” the game was. For example, if you won at 250 points, and the second placer was at 240 points, then it was a very close game, so the second placer gets a larger bonus on XP and coins.

The AI should not only compare the scores at the end, but also the scores in the previous round, since it’s also a close game if you were winning until the last round and a ton of players stole from you. Balancing Supreme!

2: Your crate type(Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, or possibly Emerald) will determine the quality of your prizes, along with the arena type(bronze, iron, silver, gold, emerald, diamond, amethyst, and grandmaster – 8 types for 8 ship tiers, something I’ll explain later on). The arena type itself is based off of the average level of all the players in it, another thing I’ll explain later on. You receive a bronze crate if you came in 4th or lower, and Iron for 3rd, Silver of 2nd, and Gold for 1st. If it’s a Grandmaster arena, then you get Iron for 3rd or lower, Gold for 2nd, and Emerald for 1st.

Of course, the crate quality determines how much of each material you are going to receive, as well as the drop chance for Cybercrystals, which I’m going to discuss later. You also receive points on the powers you used, as well as on one other power which is randomly chosen(and also according to its drop chance, of course).

The advantage of getting point on the powers you used that game means that if a person want points on several different powers but only likes using one, they’ll still have to use several different powers, or just buy gems to use the shop.

On the other hand, if they do like honing one power set, they’ll get points on it faster to upgrade it faster.

An advantage of removing the Basic crate is that firstly, older players who get the basic crate will be happier to receive a bronze instead. Secondly, I personally think that since the bronze crate isn’t colorless, I won’t rage if I get 4th or lower(not that I did even when I got a Basic).

Also, you can’t get XP or coins from crates; those are separate, and you get some for every match you do.

3: As for rank, there should be 9 leagues (bronze, iron, silver, gold, emerald, diamond, amethyst, grandmaster and star – 8 leagues for 8 ship tiers, as well as the additional league, something I’ll explain directly after this). However, your league is not something separate from level. It just represents your level in a different way. That means that you can’t lose points for your league; your league only changes if you level up.

The reason I’m suggesting this is because right now, league is just for bragging rights, indirectly intimidating novices, and a source for raging(like when you lose points on your league). When you gain a league, you’ll get extra prizes, in my system.

Now, something important: levels and ship tiers, as well as ship specializations. A lot of the above interweaves into this, so it’s essential to my ideas here. I’ll also be talking about Cybercrystals after I’m done talking about levels.

So, you start off at Level 1. This means you’re in Bronze League. Then, you are guided through a tutorial, which you can exit at any time you wish. Once you finish/exit the tutorial, you receive a “welcome gift” that does not include XP. In Bronze League, you have a Tier-1 Trigon(or a Bronze Tier Trigon, whatever you like to call it), as well as two powers. For Trigons, it’s easier to afford speed upgrades, something that I’ll get into later.

Then, you play games to get XP. Again, you have a maximum of 8 crates, but since XP doesn’t come from crates, and neither do coins, the players will still have a motive to play for those two things, as well as increasing their skill. When you get to Level 2, you’re still in Bronze League, just higher in it. You receive a Tier-1 Pentagon and two modules. For Pentagons, it’s easier to upgrade turning speed than other ship types.

On Level 3, you’re still in Bronze League(although if you’re a good player, you should be able to get to Level 3 within a day). However, you get a Tier-1 Tetragon and two modules. Tetragons have easier crew upgrades. The amount of crew determines your efficiency bonus, which increases the effectiveness of specific crystals(something to be discussed later in the post). All ship types have crew, and the higher the ship tier, the more crew you generally have.

Throughout Bronze Tier Ships, any and all upgrades are made with bronze. You’ll receive other materials as well, like iron, through crates if you get high-quality crates, but largely bronze. For Bronze Tier Ships, you can only upgrade each statistic once. You have 3 statistics for each ship: speed, agility, and crew chambers.

As for graphics, in the hangar, your Bronze-Tier ships are themed a bronze color(an orange-red).

When you get to Level 4, you get to Iron League, for which you receive a bunch of iron and gems(by gems I mean the kind you can buy as well). You also receive an Iron-Tier Trigon, with two modules. This has higher stats than the previous trigon.

On Level 5, you receive an Iron-tier Pentagon with two modules, and on Level 6, an Iron-Tier Tetragon with two new modules.

All iron-tier ships are themed a dark gray. Again, you get largely iron for resources. You can get higher, but not lower-tier resources.

On Level 7, you enter Silver league. You get a bunch of silver for it, with gems.

The ships here are themed a bright, light gray.

In Gold League, which comes at Level 10, the ships are largely bright yellow.

….and you get the point. I would like it if on Grandmaster League, the ships are just black and dark red, except with light red for the windows.

Despite their color theme in the hangar, the ships will not be the same color in the actual game. The only indication of your level/ship tiers will be League.

Here’s the detailed League ‘n’ Level ‘n’ Ship list:

Bronze League, 1 star

Level 1

Ship: Bronze Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 2

Theme: Dark yellow-orange, imitating bronze

Bronze League, 2 stars

Level 2

Ship: Bronze Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 2

Theme: Dark yellow-orange, imitating bronze

Bronze League, 3 stars

Level 3

Ship: Bronze Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 2

Theme: Dark yellow-orange, imitating bronze

Iron League, 1 star

Level 4

Ship: Iron Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 3

Theme: Dark grey

Iron League, 2 stars

Level 5

Ship: Iron Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 3

Theme: Dark grey

Iron League, 3 stars

Level 6

Ship: Iron Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 3

Theme: Dark grey

Silver League, 1 star

Level 7

Ship: Silver Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 4

Theme: Light grey

Silver League, 2 stars

Level 8

Ship: Silver Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 4

Theme: Light grey

Silver League, 3 stars

Level 9

Ship: Silver Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 4

Theme: Light grey

Gold League, 1 star

Level 10

Ship: Gold Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 5

Theme: Bright, solid yellow, imitating gold

Gold League, 2 stars

Level 11

Ship: Gold Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 5

Theme: Bright, solid yellow, imitating gold

Gold League, 3 stars

Level 12

Ship: Gold Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 5

Theme: Bright, solid yellow, imitating gold

Emerald League, 1 star

Level 13

Ship: Emerald Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 6

Theme: A medium shade of green

Emerald League, 2 stars

Level 14

Ship: Emerald Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 6

Theme: A medium shade of green

Emerald League, 3 stars

Level 15

Ship: Emerald Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 6

Theme: A medium shade of green

Diamond League, 1 star

Level 16

Ship: Diamond Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 7

Theme: Bright blue

Diamond League, 2 stars

Level 17

Ship: Diamond Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 7

Theme: Bright blue

Diamond League, 3 stars

Level 18

Ship: Diamond Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 7

Theme: Bright blue

Amethyst League, 1 star

Level 19

Ship: Amethyst Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 8

Theme: Bright purple

Amethyst League, 2 stars

Level 20

Ship: Amethyst Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 8

Theme: Bright purple

Amethyst League, 3 stars

Level 21

Ship: Amethyst Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 8

Theme: Bright purple

Grandmaster League, 1 star

Level 22

Ship: Master Trigon

Cybercrystal slots: 10

Theme: Red and black

Grandmaster League, 2 stars

Level 23

Ship: Master Pentagon

Cybercrystal slots: 10

Theme: Red and black

Grandmaster League, 3 stars

Level 24

Ship: Master Tetragon

Cybercrystal slots: 10

Theme: Red and black

Star League, stars inapplicable

Level 25+

Ship: None; rather, you unlock access to buying sprays in the shop, something I’ll explain later on.

Cybercrystal slots: Not applicable

Theme: White

Olkright, that’s enough for now.

Now come Cybercrystals. These are basically passives. Below are some examples:

– Reduces enemy fever duration by 5%

– +3% defense

– +50 defense

– Increases the radii of all mines you fire by 5%, except time bomb

Of course, this makes a near-infinite amount of possibilities. As some of you may have guessed, the amount of Cybercrystal Slots for a ship defines how many Cybercrystals can be equipped.

Efficiency bonus is provided by crew amount, which requires the least amount of resources to upgrade generally in Tetragons. Efficiency bonus increases the effectiveness of your Cybercrystals.

Each crew member gives +2% Efficiency Bonus. Upgrading your crew chambers increases your efficiency bonus in that way. The maximum crew for any ship is 25(meaning maximum +50% efficiency bonus), unless you are in Star League, in the case of which the maximum crew is 30(so maximum +60% efficiency bonus here).

Every crate you open gives 2 points towards Cybercrystals. Cybercrystals have a certain rarity: They are either Common(a gray color), Rare(a light green color), Epic(a medium purple color), Legendary(a golden color), or Unique(red). For the first 4 of these, you receive points to unlock. Cybercrystals cannot be upgraded, however.

One Common Cybercrystal may give +3% defense for the first round, whereas a Legendary version may give +10% defense throughout the game.

However, you cannot receive points on Unique Cybercrystals. These have to be bought in the shop, often for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of gems, but no more than 10,000.

Now, moving onto skins and sprays. Every crate you open gives at least 1 point towards a random skin. Skins are distinct from sprays; whereas skins alter your look, sprays alter the color of your curve.

Once you have full points on a skin, you don’t receive it. Rather, you gain access to buying it through the shop. i.e., it becomes available in the shop for purchase. Of course, you can buy points towards unlocked skins using gems.

Skins can make you look like a Jack-o-lantern for halloween, or a Christmas Star, and such. It can also add in stripes and patterns to your ship.

Sprays are a different matter. Like Cybercrystals, they have rarity levels: Common(whitish-gray outline), Rare(green outline), Epic(medium purple outline, kind of mauve like lapa), or Legendary(Golden outline). There are no unique sprays.

You cannot gain points on sprays in any way. Instead, you unlock them successively for each level after Star League. After you’ve unlocked them, the large majority of the unlocked ones need coins, whereas others need gems.

If you haven’t reached Star League but want some sprays, you can buy them for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of gems.

Sprays can include striped, honeycomb(a hexagonal lattice), cheese(with round, irregular holes like cheese). There are also Effect Sprays called Glow, Shine, as well as Cherry-striped Glow and such, which have additional effects.

Now, the shop might need to be reformatted. Personally, I don’t think it fits the current style. It works out, still, but could be more vibrant. I’m really not sure how, but since my ideas warrant a much larger shop…I dunno, look into it.

Also, please add a reddit link for, because it needs one. Reddit is a lot more well-known to a larger audience than the forum. Don’t remove the forum though, it also has its positive effects. Just add in the subreddit as well, it’ll be good for the community.

Also, just for the cools, the backgrounds of different arena types should have different tessellations, like they used to. Not a prob, though, if it won’t be done. Who knows, it might not even fit the style.

For Grandmaster arena, you are able to go “through” the sides and onto the other one, like you used to be able to. However, bullets can also do this(not including homing missile), but mines and fevers cannot.

The ideas above give specializations to ships:

  1. Trigons are speed-based.

  2. Pentagons are agility-based.

  3. Tetragons are largely dependent on Cybercrystals and powerups(also known as the ship’s “loadout”) due to focus on crew chambers.

The good part about Cybercrystals is that you can customize your loadout to favor attack and such.

Also, please alter the system for upgrading. Essentially, if you upgrade jump, it should make the jumpt longer as well as increase defense slightly. Because c’mon, I’ve never seen anyone getting shot while jumping. Not that it’s impossible, but that it’s difficult and highly unlikely. This is another reason players aren’t always excited about upgrading.

Similarly for brake, increase the effect instead of just the defense alone.

For fevers, increase the radius of the fevers or the effect duration on enemies, along with the attack.

For bullets, increase the bullet speed and such, with a slight increase in attack.

For mines, increase the speed with which they travel after you launch them along with attack.

Also, might wanna buff scatter shot. It used to be really good. Upgrading it should increase attack, bullet speed, and range.

Ok, so moving on, there’s the issue of people wanting to play with friends. I’m going to discuss this next.

Right now, Geert & Co is interested in making all the powers un-upgradable. However, with no upgrades possible, there’s inevitably going to be a few OP powers, because all the powers are different. Line also pointed this out by saying: “What’s the next OP power going to be?” I’d agree. I know you’re working on balancing, like really hard, so I have a plan that doesn’t put all that to waste – just keeeeeeeep on reading.

So first, people should be able to send gems to other people, but only if they’ve “friended them.” In the lobby, you should be able to see an option called “Send Friend Invitation” next to usernames. Then, you can send gems if they accept.

This way, the other person can get coins using the gems and upgrade powers and such. They can’t get materials, but using gems, they can also buy points towards powers. This doesn’t completely alleviate the situation, but certainly helps.

The other option is to have the person join you in custom room. In the custom room, there should be three options introduced:

  1. Whether players can go through the edge or not.

  2. Full-size map or default.

  3. Balanced powers or not.

With the Balanced Powers option activated, the powers anybody uses will be balanced and no upgrades you do will matter. Of course, this is only for custom rooms.

Unless you do something like for every Saturday it’s a “balancing day,” where you can play with friends in a Balanced Mode on Quick Play.

Lastly, you need to get a wider audience. I’m not sure if is available worldwide, but you need other languages. If you already somehow have other languages installed, ignore this point.

Anyhoo, the most straightforward way woult be to put the words and phrases you need translated on the left side of a document. Ask people on the forum and the reddit if they would like to volunteer to translate.

Give them the document to write the translated version of the phrases on the right side of the document or something.

Whew! This took a long time.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be implemented. The only problem I see in the above is that it might take a lot of time and work, but the Hidden Monster Games is hardworking.

Please don’t take any jokes in this post personally(including this one).

Anyways, I really do hope that the developers will respond, on their thoughts, why or why not thay may implement certain elements, and such. I worked really hard to write this up.




P.S. Please respond devs. XCS, Geert, Averazon, Rojoss, someone. Please!

P.S.P.S. It was also mentioned that players had a lot of gems and coins hanging around that felt useless because they didn’t have points on modules. The reason the points on modules thing was implemented was so that it wasn’t a pay to win.

So maybe increase the number of points you get, and like I suggested, improve the way to gain coins.

I’d be more than happy to discuss and debate any points. If you see an issue with my system other than lag or that Geert may force his elves to overwork for this, please tell me, so that I can discuss it.

Based on feedback via comments and such, I may edit and re-post this some other time in the forum.




But gosh so much to read… haha :sweat_smile:


TY though :slight_smile:


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Give me a few days to read through this :joy:


BTW no offense, but please give your feedback and thoughts as well.


Too much reading, poor developers. :smiley:



This is way too much srsly :joy:
Imo you r suggesting way too much at the same time… let them make the next update and then we see… devs said they wanted to make the game simpler, your description tho sounded a lot harder. You should probably suggest one thing at the time. By doing so some might actually read your stuff. And dont copy paste stuff from others without citing them properly.


This kind of stuff is exactly what we want to remove from the game.
Upgrading powers is kinda the same.
It just makes the game less skillful because you can pay or play a lot to just get better.

The current progress is slow and therefore expensive because of 2 things.

  1. Getting better powers is a huge advantage.
  2. We don’t have a lot of things to unlock currently so the things we have are spread out more over more time.

The reason we have crates is to stagger the progress more.
From our experience we know that a lot of players lose interest in the game if there’s nothing left to unlock.
If the game is more skillful or has other goals then this might be less of an issue but currently that’s not really the case with CFP it’s currently mostly about progress. Which is something we want to change obviously to be more skillful and eventually also add other goals.

Skillbased based rewards might be interesting.
However, in an ideal world with good matchmaking and a skillful and balanced game this wouldn’t be needed.

For all your ideas with leagues, ships, and so on…
I think it all just sounds really complex and bloated.
I only understand half of it lol.
Adding more content to the game is often good so that there are more things that we can give away so that it feels more rewarding to play.
The content should feel valuable though so that’s a tricky thing.
Soon we add customization and we will probably also make skins only purchasable based on certain conditions like maybe a skin only grandmasters can purchase and so on.

There are a lot of other suggestions in your post but it’s not very useful if it’s all in one post to be fair.
If you feel really strong about certain suggestions it’s better to make separate posts so that other people can also give feedback and discuss it.
I could spend like an hour replying to your post like this haha.

Either way, thanks for the feedback.
I think there are defiantly some interesting points you mention and some nice ideas.


Wow :open_mouth: Really good work! Haha i used to play Goodgame Empire :stuck_out_tongue: It had really nice progression system.


Hello @Dragonfyre !
A good tip to get more detailed feedback from the moderator or developer team.

it’s better to make separate posts so that other people can also give feedback and discuss it.

Anyway, I will comment on a few things I have noticed in your giant post haha. Forgive me if I missed something :wink:

These days, guests make up over a fourth of the people in Quick Play. That’s because it’s difficult to make an account. On the home page, there’s a little white text reading “Already have an account? Sign in!” There really needs to be something saying, “Don’t have an account? Make one here!”

^ To me it seems clear that you can make/create an account or use a guest account. Though, you could always make it look more simple by changing the text as you indicate. If it is really that unclear, for new people, having it differently is always a good suggestion.

Lastly, you need to get a wider audience. I’m not sure if is available worldwide, but you need other languages. If you already somehow have other languages installed, ignore this point.

^ is a worldwide webadress anyone can go to :wink: My personal opinion for this; it has it’s pros and cons. It would make the game more accessable for everyone… and that is the problem too. In my view on the moderation side, we will have a very tough time. If people can play the game in their own language, they will communicate in their own language too. This means we would need an army of moderators which we select on languages… that is a job too crazy to think about. You can throw Google Translate excuses at me, but that’s not how it works.
Also, having other people translate is fine, but how do we know it is correct and not trolling?

So first, people should be able to send gems to other people, but only if they’ve “friended them.”

In terms of alt account and stolen accounts I don’t really support the idea. I understand why you want it, but I believe this feature would give us problems between players. I have already seen simular situations and I was happy they didn’t have this feature you mention.

Most of what you mentioned with ships and ranks. I really think we should see what happens in the next update and move forward from there. We have all read what Geert has said, but words are always different from what we see ingame. It could be the ingame version is more postive than what you read?
We can all be upset or angry but I agree with the developers that we needed some changes. As I mentioned before, it hurts to take a step backwards, but we can take two steps forward.


Thanks @Dragonfyre for your extensive post. It is really great to see that players take their time to write it.

I think there is a difference in approach on making a good game that also monetizes. We believe in a bigger vision that will lead the game towards an ideal state, and look how we can get there. In our case we want to make a great social and competitive game for free, while we can also buy some food sometimes. This means that all steps we take are in line of this bigger picture.

Your suggestion is an alternative way of making money. I would call it a heavy ‘materials driven’ economy that makes players more powerful. This economy could be fun on its own right and provides a long-term cool to work against. However, I think it is not the perfect fit for our game.

  1. Firstly, our game is a game that you play directly against other players. This means that someone wins and someone loses during a game. If you win, it feels amazing. If you lose, it is very punishing. If there then is a known power difference, players will blame it on the system and not so much on the skill difference of the players involved. This is not really fun and will probably drive players away and we will be cooking our community to an ever more elitist community.

  2. Secondly, you want players to engage in an economy that they care about. So far we see that players care about unlocking powers and playing the game. Letting them care about a base that produces weapons that can be upgraded and more powerful, could work, but it takes a tremendous amount of time to build and let us not focus on making the game competitive or social. It is a monetization strategy that doesn’t strengthen our core vision and takes away time on more pressing matters, like leaderboards, team games, etc.

In defense of our planned monetization:

  1. The fact that powers cost points to play with will tap into the desire to play with any possible power combination in the game for a small fee. Many players already voiced that they love to do this. However, what is the cost they are willing to pay? Right now we put that cost at 5 gems per power per game, and not even for all games, as you get quite some points and powers for free every day. I consider that cost to be very low, but unfortunately, most people play free 2 play games for free and never pay anything for it. Even 0.01$ is too much as their effort to go to their paypal is already too much. If you compare it to the cost of clothing or other stuff this is actually really weird.
  2. Customization will help in identifying players and showing off achievements in the game. I think this is in line with our competitive and social aspects of the game.

I do understand that the new system will also have some issues, namely:

  1. We take away some of the hard worked progress
  2. The ability to play with any power.

This erodes trust in us as a game developers and removes a long term goal (I almost upgraded this power to lvl 12!). However, we are still a relatively small game and making these changes now, aligning the game with our core vision now, is better than to keep on building on a system that is not in line with our goal. As for the long term goals for the players. We hope to replace the long term goal by making people want to be #1 in the world and be organized in clans and other social structures. Clearly, those goals are not well implemented yet, but we can’t (and it is not desirable to) change everything in 1 patch

I hope this answers your question.

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Seeing Geert reply as the God of Curve Fever makes me feel like


Thanks for your replies!

#1 I certainly should have made separate posts.
#2 Woops as for making accounts I haven’t checked actually whether I can make them or not recently. I should proabably do that…
#3 As for the wider audience thing…yeah, good point. Maybe restricting it to English might be good for now, and an army of moderators can come later.
BTW I speak 2 and a half languages and I know that Google Translate is far from accurate :slight_smile:
#4 As for sending gems, I now realize the possible exploitations.

Hmmm…so much for me believing that my system was perfect.


Hmmm thanks for your thoughts.

#1 As for upgrading, I now see your concern. I personally enjoy more intricacy in the gameplay, but I see how that might cause players to blame the system. I just added it in because Geert mentioned that players aren’t very excited about getting upgrades.

Sort of like a noob watching older players, seeing them steal a ton of points due to upgrades and skill, and then thinking, “Woaaaah!! I’m gonna get those upgrades too now! Lemme plaaay, mom, lemme play!”

JK not sure if they live with their parents.

#2 As for the time thing I mentioned, how it takes so much time to upgrade…

  1. You mentioned getting powers is a huge advantage. “Huge” may be stretching it, since new powers always don’t mean more attack. It’s more skill based.
  2. You also referred to spreading out things to unlock.

For that, I don’t know what to do. Look at the Great Module Topic, maybe? I’m really excited about customization, but for older players, there could be more distinct power types besides the menagerie of mines, fevers, and bullets? Something that stands out, like lasers.

That could give a few ideas. I also suggested Cybercrystals, which are unupgradable. That could be something cool, I dunno. They would add some more items in.

I think that players enjoy games where they feel they’re making lots of progress, and that it would make them more excited to upgrade if they see themselves making substantial progress towards their goal of upgrading a specific power. Since in my system the player would receive coins per round rather than per crate, they’ll play a lot to get coins. The only part that staggers progress, and can’t be payed for, is gaining points on modules, which you need to upgrade.

#3 As for your skillbased rewards, I did actually mention an AI that does that later on in my post, by comparing how “close” the game was(i.e. were you neck-to-neck with the guy who beat you or far below? And if you were far below, were you close in level or really far? and etc.). Unbalanced games are inevitable, unless the devs work really hard on some sort of algorithm.

Why the suggested AI may actually work out in my system is because levels are a more direct representation of a person’s powers than the current system.

#4: Regarding the level and leagues and arenas and ships stuff, it’s not too complicated once it’s put into the game. It’s mainly so that higher leagues, levels, and ships actually have better advantages. Higher leagues also have extra stuff open to purchase.

#5: Yes, I’m excited about customization.

#6: Yeah, I really should’ve split this post up into several different ones.


Again, thank you for your reply. I bow in the presence of the God of Curvefever and his flawless grammar and great avatar.

#1: As for the ideal state of the game you’ve envisioned, what exactly? So far I have gathered:

-You’re targeting players in the age range of 15-25
-People able to play with friends

  • IDK why this is bullted and not with a dash something in the curvepro forum system
    -You want the game to be easy to understand and appealing.

There could also easily be more specifics. It’s alright if you don’t find time to detail that – not too important right now for me.

#2 You mention 2 quintessential points:

  1. If there is a power difference, players will blame it on the game. Yeah, I get that. I did suggest an AI that indirectly doesn’t give you much punishment in terms of rewards if their is a significant power difference. Besides that, I also suggested a balancing option in custom rooms, where the power upgrades don’t matter, as well as perhaps one day of the week where you resort to this sort of balancing where power upgrades don;t matter and the re-balanced powers are put into play for Quick Play.

But I do understand the worry here.

  1. So I gather that your ore vision for the game includes socialization and competitiveness. You mentioned team games, which I would absolutely LOVE, and leaderboards may be nice – a motive to rise up in them.

For leaderboards, you should only be ranked with people in your own league. If you are in the top 3, then maybe some sort of prize or such. In your own league, you would not have much of a power difference in my system.

But I get the economy part. I haven’t ever payed for a videogame, which makes me inexperienced in the matter. However, I’m glad to know that it’s not all about money for the devs.

Ty for that!

#3 In defense of your planned monetization:

  1. Ok I have no idea how to work with paypal or anything. Again, I have never payed for a videogame, not even or I’m bad with budgets as well, so…IDK what’s wierd and what’s not in terms of money here.

To play with any power combination…as far as I understood, you can only play with 3 powers per day or something. I likely misunderstood the update.

  1. I agree with customization, I also mentioned a system for that. However, I know that you guys probably already have a system figured out, so I’d be interested in seeing what it is.

#4 So yeah. Thank you for spending time on replying!

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