PLEASE revert the shot buff


-highest steal percents in the game
-extremely low cd

and now they are easy to hit as well. You can straight go from last to first if you have 2 shot abilities and just spam them at the start of the last round. They are completely broken with the new explosion radius please revert, its extremely not fun to play against.


when you have 249 points and someone one shots you and you get 86 points taken away


thats triggering




They are telling the truth here. It is a little bit annoying.


I agree how it can be annoying at times, but before the update, it was super hard to hit your shots. I think the update should stay, but maybe the points they steal could lower a bit.


It is just sad if a shot is clearly going past you and still hits you which happens like every 2nd game to me :joy:


good point :joy:


ikr its like impossible to dodge it close-mid because of the ridiculous hitbox


I hate this meta as player,
I love watching how people kill each other for a few trophies