Please make bots for cfpro


I remember playing Curvefever 1 in 2017 when I was a complete noob and I had a hard time beating the bots of that game. Curvefever 1 (earlier known as Achtung, die Kurve) was released in 1995. The bots were pretty good considering that they were coded in 1995 when the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was much smaller than what it is now. With the advent of new methods of making AI game bots like using Artificial Neural Networks, it’s now (practically) possible to make much better bots. Of course, even Curvefever Pro bots can be made by the developers since they must be having the offline rendition of the game and they can use the modern techniques of machine learning to train the bot and create some very strong computer opponents for the players.

Playing with the AI bots can be a good training ground for the players and would result in improvement of the pro-level play while playing around with the bots can also be a good testing ground for the developers and it can even help in determining which powers/combos are Overpowered/Underpowered. And who wouldn’t like to see what “near perfect play” looks like? AlphaStar, for instance, revolutionized Starcraft 2 (a Real Time Strategy game) by introducing new strategies which the human pros considered dubious.

Personally, I would really like to have the option of playing with computer bot(s) in custom play. I really love the 1v1 style of gameplay and I don’t always get a good human opponent when I am in the mood for 1v1. The ability to choose the strength of the bot would be a good additional option.

I know making a good AI bot is not a piece of cake and it’s a big time investment and Curvefever has a small team of developers. But I just want to make the point that it’s a worthwhile investment to go in that direction.

Maybe not now, but when Curvefever is bigger.


sounds like a great idea. Maybe when Curve Fever is bigger indeed.

By the way, the 1995 version of ADK didn’t have bots. The 2010 version of CF1 did have indeed.

Right now we are not planning on introducing bots to the game, but we have some cool ideas on how they could work.

Machine learning is fun and stuff, but for now not in the realm of our capabilities. Google didn’t make alpha star with a team of 3 programmers :wink: