Please add more stuff to buy



I want to support you guys and get some juicy cosmetics at the same time.

I’ve finished the battle pass and the shop ships aren’t much to desire in comparison (No offence!)

Expanding the battle pass for each season to more levels would be ace

In game name: Committing



I tought ur name was “committing” ? :sweat_smile:



There will be a new battle pass each season and probably new colors and stuff in the shop as well.


Does the next season start as soon as the current season ends?

I think you should add more levels next season :slight_smile:


Not quite sure myself about this, but I guess once this battle pass is over the new one will take over. Maybe not the same day or such but soon after.

More levels would be cool. Since this is the first battle pass ever it could very well be that devs decide to make a future one larger. That depends on how many people managed to finish it i guess.


and can you also add more to the free version? its kinda boring

also is it possible to buy the battle pass with saving all your gems and not spending any
because i have 180 gems and so far, i can only get to 380 gems with the xp levels
it isnt possible to get any more without winning a tournament or paying

im just wondering if theres any other ways to get gems


Nope no other way, win tours or buy it… but it isnt that expensive imo.



ill start participating in tournaments now lol