Playtest the latest Curve Fever Pro gameplay


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I am super excited to let you know that we’re organizing a playtest of the new Curve Fever Pro gameplay this Friday, July 27th between 8 and 10 pm CEST. We would love for you to join and test out the latest game mode and leave some feedback in the survey at the end.

The devs and I are looking forward to playing some Curve Fever Pro matches with (against :smiling_imp:) all of you!

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See you this Friday! :wave:


When I looked at this picture, I thought of a racing mode that will be present.


Wow! I am interested and will definitely be there if I can!


I will be there :heart_eyes:


hope I can make it and record some gameplay. :+1:t2:


ok i came today to check this game because it was bad but i saw topic that u made a new gameplay i was like omg maybe it feels like cf 2 now no it doesnt i mean nice things movement feels much better and stuff but what is that point stealing garbage mechanic xd u should be able to kill people again, srsly player with laser gets free points i dislike it a lot but it feels much better than cf 3 still meh u wont make it battle royal tbh.


With laser, you’d die instead of getting points stolen. Honestly, for laser users, it was better the gamemode before.

This gamemode is also more newbie friendly. They should definitely tweak the amount of point stolen per a round. Cap it around +/-50 and that’d be good