Playing online with friends


Hi, is there any way you can play any version of Curvefever online with friends? I could not find the option. Thanks!


All versions of Curve Fever have the option to play online with friends. In all versions you have to go to Custom Matches.

In CFPro, you have to click on “Invite” to copy the link of your match. Once you do so you have to send it to your friend to play online together.

Invite button below the player list


Invite button below players and their powers

In CF2, you have to click on "quick join link " button to copy the link of your match. The button is between the “settings” (of the match) and the “make friends”, “mute” and “kick” buttons.

Quick join link button


If you meant you want to play online local multiplayer with your friend, this option is available only in CF2.

To play online local multiplayer, you have to enter the logins of your friend’s account, set the steering keys and click “add” in the “add a player on your pc”, or just simply click on “add” to add a guest account.

Add a player on this PC button


The other way to add an local multiplayer account is by clicking on “add player” button on the bottom bar and do as it’s done above in the tab that shows over the chat section.

Come on then, add your mate! - tab



Thank you. That was helpful. :slight_smile: