Ping problems on some servers (tests)


Hi, as Miaous and me said to Geert this evening, we encounter ping problems on some servers. It seems some players have the same ping problems. So we made some tests this evening and found out somethnig weird :

  • When we are on servers EU-027 or less, we have a normal ping for our connection (around 60 ms for me, and its OK to play). Servers tested : EU-021, 023, 026 and 027.

  • When we are on servers EU-030 or more : very bad ping (around 250 ms for me, and its unplayable). Servers tested : EU-030, EU-031, EU-033, EU-035, EU-037, EU-038, EU-040, EU-041, EU-042, EU-043, EU-044 and EU-045.

For information : Miaous and me are from France, it can affect. Personnaly I have this problem since maybe 3 weeks.

Do the admin have an idea on what is happening ? Can other players who have same problems put here the name of servers with bad pings for them and the country where they play ?

Laggy as heck, now CurveFever is unplayable

New servers tested, and the same results :

  • EU-024 : ping OK

  • EU-039 : very bad ping

==> All servers tested from EU-021 to EU-027 have normal ping, and all servers tested from EU-030 to EU -045 have very bad ping.


I confirm everything Kael wrote above. The game is definitely unplayable for me on the servers Kael mentionned.

I don’t know if it has any link with it but I was also affected by the previous bug (DB_ERROR_301) that has been corrected today.



Thank you so much for this information. It is really helpful

Could you please also tell me if you have this issue specifically these 2 servers:


those 2 are more powerful servers, so I want to see if the issue is with the servers, or the data centers


Hi Geert, thanks for your help. Yes, these two servers are included in our yesterday’s tests, you can see it on my first message : bad ping on it.This evening, I’ll make new tests to see if the same results are shown, and I’ll post here.

I have no idea if the problem can be system (on servers themselves - recent updates on servers EU-030 and more, and not on servers EU-021 to EU-027 ?), or more probably on network (different routes to reach those 2 server’s groups ? Problem on a load balancing system ?).

Other informations : I am on Windows 7 and encounter this problem with the 2 browsers, Firefox and Chrome.


Hello Geert,

Thanks for your answer.

I tried this morning again different rooms. And I had some slighty different results than yesterday.
This morning, in the following rooms, I had 0 issue :

  • EU-22
  • EU-23
  • EU-24
  • EU-26
  • EU-33, EU-36, EU-45 (Working well this morning, then was laggy this afternoon)

This morning, in the following rooms, it was completely laggy and I had the same problem mentionned by Kael :

  • EU-30
  • EU-31
  • EU-35
  • EU-37
  • EU-39
  • EU-41
  • EU-43
  • EU-44

I updated this comment to have a consolidated list of all the test I made this morning.

Thank you !


Hello again,

Not sure if something changed on your side, but right now server EU-45 is laggy again.



Hi Geert,

I did some tests now, and for me it’s exactly the same logic than yesterday :

  • Servers EU-020, 23, 24, 25, 26 : ping OK, around 60 ms.

  • Servers EU-030, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 : very bad ping, around 200 ms.

Any idea of the problem? What is the different treatment between these two groups of servers “EU-02X” and “EU-03X or EU-04X”?


eu-28 and 29 are a bit high ping but still playable but just in the middle kinda ping


Hi Geert,

Great to see you’re still active. Can you also give a look at the European CF2-servers? There are a lot of desperate people out there who just want to play the good old CF2 without too much lag in these hard COVID-times :confused:

Thank you :hearts:



same tests just now, same results : the only servers where the ping is correct for me are EU-02X. On EU-03X/04X, still bad ping. Miaous, from France too but with different provider, had same results last time, and this problem probably concerns some others players (maybe in France or other countries). I have detected this problem for about a month I think (I didn’t test the servers ping before my 1st post here, but the behaviour is the same since this post…).

I don’t know if there is a network engineer in the Dev team but I am ready for tests which may be more helpful --> Launch a ping and a tracert from my PC to some of these servers in order to see :

1/ If the latency gives same results than when I am in game.

2/ If yes, see from the tracert the routers through which the packets pass. Either some routers are differents to reach EU-2X than EU-03X/04X and the problem is on them, either routers are the same and the source of bad ping is only on the servers (that I dont think… but why not if it is linked to some system differences between these two groups. I suppose these are VM for most part, maybe the difference comes from their hypervisors ?).

For that tests, I need the IP addresses of some servers of the two groups : EU-02X and EU-03X/04X. Maybe someone of the Dev team can give theses addresses to me in private message ?

Thank you in advance. :+1:

EDIT : if the team finds that it is not secure to give me theses addresses, I can give mine in private and the admin will have to ping/tracert it from servers of the two groups. The two tests (from both sides) may be interesting…



Thanks for the update.

The servers EU-3x-4x don’t have real connection or overload issues on the servers themselves. Me, from NL can play perfectly on them.

So it seems that it is an issue with the connections to the Datacenter, that is apparently very bad for French players. I am not sure what I can do for that in the short run. But I will see what happens if I let the server EU-2x take way more load.

I disabled servers EU-3x for now. Meaning you will more often get a EU-2x server. If the load is manageable, I will disable EU-4x soon and see what happens :slight_smile:



That’s a good idea, thank you for this : I just went in several rooms this evening, and there were lots of players --> As expected, I saw more often EU-2X, and always good ping on them (not any ping’s problem, same rate that before : they support well the load for now), and always bad on EU-4X…

So, when you are ready, let’s see what happen with only EU-2X activated… :thinking:


Hi, EU-4x has bad ping and mostly lags on EU-44 (for me )
Hope you will disable EU-4X


Today I also disabled servers eu-04x . So only eu-02x is running. Lets see if your ping issues are solved by this…


Thanks ! For me its fine, I played a bit now, and good ping as before when eu-3x and eu-4x were on : it seems the eu-2x support very well the load !

We need now to see how is it for other countries players.

PS : Other thing not linked : what is the rule for the “down rating” while not playing ? I weren’t connected with my account “Kael” for 8 days and I downrated from Diamond2 to Gold3.


I don’t know if it’s connected with what Geert did, but all the games today were terribly laggy. Other people in my room said the same. We are all from different countries. My normal ping is 60-70ms, today was not lower than 150ms, but more often about 200ms with lag spikes and teleports.


What is the Bug


Not sure if this will help but in server EU-026 I had crazy lag, up to 4000 ping.


Hi Nick, it is weird : for me eu-02x seem to take easy the load, but for you no… unless you have on eu-02x the same problem we have on eu-03x/04x…