Petition to revive this game



Petition to revive this game in to Play-To-Earn like Axie Infinity. We have the foundation and the people.

If you dont know what the hell i am talking about. Check out. and the games there like TownStar. Its free to play.


fucking god please no.


Considering the game has been Play-to-earn all these years (and it still is), it won’t hurt you to support the developer of the game just once by purchasing gems / VIP from the store. You either earn rewards by spending time playing the game, or purshase the things you want because you don’t have the time to play.


ive bought gems/vip over a dozen times


Thats called PayToPlay. You dont earn any money from this game.


I always wanted to enlargen this game as well , and after some 5 minute thought, wouldn’t the best way of advertising in this internet age be in the way of donating to some streamers on twitch or some other platform to inform their viewerbase of the game we’re playing?

just my 5 cents of thoughts ofcourse, always nice to see an uplifting discussion so if u read this, hit this up so maybe we can think tank together.

sorry for grammar though.


The think the current developer of the game wants to make sure the game is flawless first, before releasing it to steam, twitch streamers, etc. If it is flawed and buggy, then that would correlate to bad reviews and missed opportunities for larger growth. When things are all fixed up, new content, and when we can be proud of it, then it will be off to advertise.