Petition for 3 powers mode to come back as a permanent mode!



I loved the april fools 3 powers mode. For me it was really refreshing, would love to see it as a permanent mode in the game , not saying that it replaces 2 powers but suggesting to come back as an extra mode. What are your thoughts about it?

Do you think people will play it?

  • Yes, its a nice addition
  • No, its too much

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Rojoss already said it will most likely make its way into a custom room setting. I don’t know when it will be implemented though.


thats nice, didnt know


Well now you do :wink:


anyone who voted no really doesnt make much sense, theyre not going to take away 2 power mode there just adding 1 more mode
its basically saying should teams be a custom or no


i can see alot of people transitioning to 3 powers, mostly the ones that have been playing the game for long enough, if it is a premium feature i can already see premium accounts triple