Personality test



Hey there, I think its interesting to know what personality u have and what personality other people have with who u play C: Maybe u can get to know and understand each other better after this test ;p U get to know ur strenghts and weaknesses and much more.
It will be nice if everyone does the test and shares the results in the poll. Will be appreciated :3

Soo what are you? C:


  • INTJ - Architect
  • INTP - Logician
  • ENTJ - Commander
  • ENTP - Debater
  • INFJ - Advocate
  • INFP - Mediator
  • ENFJ - Protagonist
  • ENFP - Compaigner
  • ISTJ - Logistician
  • ISFJ - Defender
  • ESTJ - Executive
  • ESFJ - Consul
  • ISTP - Virtuoso
  • ISFP - Adventurer
  • ESTP - Entrepreneur
  • ESFP - Entertainer

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"The main challenge for Executives is to recognize that not everyone follows the same path or contributes in the same way. A true leader recognizes the strength of the individual, as well as that of the group, and helps bring those individuals’ ideas to the table. That way, Executives really do have all the facts, and are able to lead the charge in directions that work for everyone

Executive :smirk:



On another note, i just did the test again and got the exact same result as I got last time, even the percentages for each one were the same xD


Actually seems pretty accurate :stuck_out_tongue:
Can relate to almost all things it says in ‘explore your type’ page.

Pretty neat website :slight_smile:




Lol @averazon, I am almost the opposite of your personality. :grinning:


Thanks a lot for this website! It was very accurate for me too!

Got Protagonist in Diplomat section :slight_smile:



There are a lot of tests on this site, including a personality test: