People who report you but you didn't do anything


Hello, everyone. There has been some issues with my account because some people reported me for chat abuse, but I haven’t type in anything inappropriate! Is this because they’re against me for voting for Pewdiepie? THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Please contact me if you have the same issues or help me. Thank you.



Please tell issa.queen to stop reporting for no reason on chat abuse. In addition, she reported me because I’m seraid’s friend. Please find seraid too and tell her that. Additionally, if u see seraid, tell her I got muted 48 hours due to issa.queen.



You probably did something because the mods can look at what you say. It’s easy to tell you’re lying because the mods don’t just randomly mute people if someone reports someone


All actions are manually done, we have no automated punishment system currently.
You can contact support to get more details about why you got punished if you believe you did nothing wrong.
[email protected]

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