People lagging / lag switching



Can you please automatically kick people with a high latency? Or stop them from matchmaking / move them to a different server? I’d rather wait 30 seconds more in my queue than being paired with people from the deserts of africa.

It still occurs even if you select the “only pair me with people from the EU” box in the settings.

It’s annoying to be playing against 1-2 individuals that stutter and teleport 3x per second.
Impossible to hit them, impossible to predict their path and even more impossible to dodge they attacks. If you play against a super laggy person you’ll hear a lot of “beep beep beep beep beep” because he keeps hitting walls - but he doesnt.

If you have a lagging player in the party you’ll have a lot of fun seeing him placing 1# with the entire group being pissed off.

Please introduce a latency check, please!


or from the middle of Germany [Bratwurst]


What is your ping and FPS in-game usually? You can use the FPS/ping meter in-game (by pressing ~ ) to see if you are having high ping or low fps.

I’m asking because usually, you see others jumping around every round if you have a slower internet connection. (normally you’d see someone with lag flopping around for max one round)


It happens like 1 in 5 games. So 1 in 20 players, and when it does its incredibly unfun for everyone involved.

No, its not about my own connection. When there is a lagging player the entire lobby tells that person to “stop lagging”. It’s never been me.

My ping as of now is 34ms with a constant framerate of 60FPS on high settings.

On the discord one of the admins said the current “leniency” is up to 800ms. Thats too much, please throttle it or increase the queue time for people so they get matched with people from their region.