Paying energy to play the game is bull


Getting 2 energy per day while my quick match costs exactly 2 energy makes me want to quit and never play this game ever again. Also, custom matches cost energy? Who thought this would be a good idea? I am not quitting only because I know developers listen to the community and will hopefully do the right thing soon, but as of right now, this update just looks like a desperate attempt to get people to buy gems.


1- you have Many other module, not only you favorite combo, if They made that update, its for that players learn many modules

2- there is 3 free module, if you dont Wanna waste your item, use them


very true also the free mods almost always work like a charm together



I agree that unranked custom matches should not cost power. Hopefully the developers will look into this and either justify or modify this.

You can use the daily powers as you play if you wish to not use up energy. I have suggested that the free modules should update themselves every 3 to 5 hours instead of every 24 hours. Many others have also said that decreasing the temporal interval between each new set of 3 powers will certainly help the game. It could also allow the crate limit to increase from 4 to 6 or 8.

The limit of 3 free powers was originally intended to diversify gameplay, which it has certainly done. Other interesting things could include giving out more points on powers to those with more more powers or a higher level.

Some suggestions from other players include:

I think I would be nice to have an option to change power after Match Making. For example I would like to “save” my best powers for grandmasters and try something new while playing with lower rated players. Do u agree?

I know it’s not trivial from UI/timing point of view, but maybe u have some idea? Maybe default + 2 pre-prepared power custom sets. For instance, player would have 3-4 secounds for a change.

Otherwise, players (at least I) overuse “my best”, why in fact they would like to try something new.

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I think that this method could certainly be interesting to play around with. Sometimes if you wish to try out a new combination, but are deterred from this due to only 3 daily powers, this could be a possible solution. Like pretty much everything else I’m saying, this is largely arguable.

One thing that may work out is that there should be no limit on energy in unranked custom games. People who want to try out or practice interesting module combinations would be able to do so in these unranked custom games.

You should make gems cheaper and add an option to pay with psc. Adding something like “premium membership” might be better than removing whole progression system. Premium should give you emm… maybe more slots for crates or shorter time to open crates. If it costs like 400-500 gems/around 5 euro per month, i will buy it for sure!

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This could certainly be interesting. Since cheaper gems may attract more players, this could work out. However, there’ll be balancing needed to be done between the amount of gained buyers and the lowered cost.



I used the wrong word, I meant energy. Paying energy to play games.


No problem :slight_smile: