Passives and adeas?



i had an adea why not add passives passives would be like an extra power but its always activated 1 passive that lets you steal more points another passive that makes it so when you take damage you get protection for a while longer maybe another that makes fever affects shorter this seemed like a good idea to me maybe another passive that you lose less points maybe another that has a medium chance of making your turns tighter after a amount of time maybe a passive that will make it so your powers have less cooldown or that your survival powers have increased effect time like making your shield or jump slightly longer or your brake longer also sorry for no periods and also maybe a passive that has a small chance of making your attack bounce like april fools also rojoss you don’t have to do this take your time and to everyone who reads this have a good day


I had to use Select-to-speak on my Chromebook to read that. Please use commas and make your posts multiple sentences.
But otherwise nice ideas


Would be hell of work if the devs had to balance any of these into the game.


I agree that balancing might take a while, but powerups are still not entirely balanced. I just don’t think that shouldn’t be a reason not to add a idea to the game.

I think this is a very good idea, so long as the effects are right.
The only things I don’t like is the one that has a chance to bounce off walls, there should be minimal random in this game. The other thing that would be a problem would be the random turn speed changes. This would be very hard to use! You would have no idea how far your next turn would be!

Otherwise a good idea though!