Passive abillities... PERKS!



It isn’t cool that players who use only attack abillities can’t protect themselves and players who use
defensive abillities can’t get enough points. Here, we have a easy solution!

What are those?: Perks are passive abillities that cannot be used in rounds but will provide player with certain buffs. You can take only one perk each game and they won’t hold an abillity slot. So you will have 2 abillities in game and 1 perk. They will be unlocked like powers by reaching certain levels.

Here are some examples what can be added:

Steel plating: players will steal 7.5% less points from you

Plasma guns: You will steal 5% more points from players

Barrier: 5% chance of losing 25% less points then a player steals from you

Large battery: Your defensive abillities will last 0.5 seconds longer (jump,shield,thin,angle and other abillities)

Fever prof: First fever (not mines) what you will go in won’t steal any of your points

Interdimensional storage: You will start with 15 points instead of 10

Rocket jump: jump will last 1.5 second longer

Vendetta: You will steal 15% more points from a player who stole points from you

Hyper Accelerator: your abillities will recharge 2 second faster

Radioactive engine: Fever’s effect will last 1.5 second longer, they steal 3% more points

Bigger mines: Mines are bigger

Why to add? What will it improve: simply a lot of more synergies, fun. A new way for players to protect themselves or attack others. That can been even a tourtament idea: Only Perks Tourtament.


That’s all i could come up with.

If Developers are reading this and perks cannot be added please explain why.

Another long post from me. next will probably be about most wanted suggestions ( a big list of other players’ suggestions)

Bye for now! :smiley: :wave:


You can write your own perk suggestions. I would like to read them


Some of them are pretty nice, others would be far too OP.

The thing with this is that for now the powers are not even balanced. So introducing more stuff that will impact on the balancing would probs not be good. A while ago there was a similar topic with basically the same suggestion of a third power which cannot be activated.

I think devs said they want to keep the game as simple as possible back then and introducing new stuff that changes stats would only scare new players off.


Yeah the ratio of levels and ranks is off…


Nice I’ve had this idea before too hahah.

RNG = bad no matter what

Somewhat underpowered, maybe it should be 30 points but still you would just get focused round one. I think a better idea is that at the start of every round, gain 10 points.

Very cool !

Idk if a perk that only applies to one ability would be good. Also with this, jump is like a budget invincibility haha


The rest are pretty cool and balanced imo. Here are some other perks that could be possible

Sharpshooter: Distance from target hit from a shot will increase the amount of points stolen, however at close range the points stolen is lower than regular

Skill Shot: Consecutive shots hit will steal for more and more, the first shot that hits will steal for less than regular(resets when you miss)

Combo Shot: Offensive abilities have a 1.5s longer cooldown, hitting someone will reduce cooldown by 3s

Cursed Shield: Surviving gives you only +7 points per person who dies, players can only steal 15 points max from you

Cursed Sword: Add 8 points everytime you steal points within the first 30 seconds of a match, surviving only gives you +7 points per person who dies

Angle Frenzy: Mines and Fevers you throw will take the shape of a square

Vault: Whenever you get point stolen from you, the game always takes the amount stolen if you have 100 points. For example if you have 200 points and a 10% steal ability is used against you, they will steal 10 points instead of 20. However this works if you have a low amount of points too. If you have 10 points and someone uses a 10% steal on you, it will take all 10 points.

Cannon: Every projectile you throw flies much faster

I really like the concept of perks not having a net positive effect, it would make for interesting gameplay