P.S.A. on bugs and glitches


The more people who do this, the quicker we can make our game perfect.


We do encourage reporting bugs and are especially happy when we get a detailed description of what caused the bug or how can it be reproduced, in that case it can be quickly fixed. I have to point out though that before submitting a new bug you should search through the existing bugs and make sure it hasn’t been submitted already, and if it has you should add your experience and more info about the bug to the existing topic.

That being sad, more bug reports does not necessarily mean that they will be fixed quicker. We do try to fix as quickly as possible all known bugs and post-pone the fixing of bugs that do not have a real impact on the game. Being a small team we still have to prioritize between fixing existing bugs and adding new (bugs :smiley: ) features. If we would only spend time on make sure all the existing bugs are fixed then we would never release new features.


How does reporting more bugs not make them fixed faster? how would you know about them otherwise??


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