Oxymoronic/Ridiculous Concepts/Ideas



So basically, we brainstorm ideas for stupid concepts/products, come up with a sales pitch, then after enough people post, I will create a poll for the winner.

*You can create as many posts as you want, as long as each one is legitimately stupid, and you create a pitch for each one.


Alrighty, so mine is an “inflatable dartboard.”

Sales Pitch:
Are you tired of having to lug around a heavy, cumbersome dartboard to friend’s houses or bars?
If you answered “yes,” we have got the product for you! Introducing the Inflatable Dartboard - It packs up into a pocket, and once inflated, offers a genuine game of darts!

*Air pump not included, No returns, no refunds, no nothing.


I guess I can try too,

What about a “waterproof towel”

Sales Pitch:
Don’t you hate it when you get out of the shower and I have to dry yourself… And end up with that wet gross soggy towel? Well, we got a solution for you! I am proud to present you all the Waterproof Towel. With that revolutionary invention, your towel will never be wet, since it let 99.99% of the water on your body, and is made entirely out of high quality plastic!
With this invention, you will no longer have to wash your towel after shower.

*Buy 34 Waterproof Towels, and get the 35th at half prize!


Mine is a “Fireproof Match”

Sales Pitch:
Are you tired using a match, and then having to throw away the blackened, shriveled up match every time you use one? Well here is the solution! Behold The Fireproof match. The latest and greatest invention, it allows you to never have to throw away old shriveled matches. Amazing new technology allows the match to be fireproof so it will never be burned. It is made of a secret fireproof material (Check our website to purchase) so that you won’t have to use a new match every 2 seconds.
With this great invention, you will never have to worry about dead matches again!

*This product is not edible, keep away from children


“A Permanently Locked Door”

Do you hate it when you always forget to lock the door? Well, this permanently locked door might be exactly what you have been looking for! There’s no need to lock it when you get out, because it uses a indestrucable lock made out of air! Get it now for $99.99 US!

Buy 99, get one free!

This company is not responsible for anyone stuck outside their houses.


“A Money recycling machine”
A few words
You have too much of them moneys you don’t know what to do with them? You are an egotistical little Sht and don’t want to give them to anyone but they keep stacking in your wallets in your pockets and everywhere in your house? Now you can be an eco friendly egotistical little sht by recycling them into the new EUROCYCLER 5000. Throw in your euros,dollars pessos, pounds or whatever and get back pure A4 papers!

limited offer at 99999 euros per piece


“an always dirty shirt”

Sales Pitch
Don’t you hate it when you accidentally spill something on your brand new shirt. Well Fucci Fashion Industry has something you will love. The permanently dirty shirt. You never have to worry about messes because it’s already dirty. Only $19.99 plus a small fee for shipping and handling, but wait that’s not all. Text promo code LOVETHATSHIRT to 1-800-787-0567 for an extra shirt for only 19.98. Again that’s 1-800-787-0567. Only 19.99 plus shipping and handling for a small fee.


I’m hoping we can get at least 2 more pitches before we vote…


this the funniest by far xD


a phone that has 3 buttons:
a pizza button
a self destruct button
and a free wifi button
the wifi button has a small chace to self destruct the phone
a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance


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Where have I seen this? Oh yeah an image of an inflatable dartboard in chemistry class :joy:


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