Optimal team play



Nobody really strategies with the teams in this game. There are lots of newbies who don’t donate and everything, sure, but I’m talking about the good players, GM level and stuff. The reason for this is that strategy requires your team members to be on board, and well, they’re random.
Here’s what I envision an optimal team to be like. Maybe you can try to incorporate some of this strategy, or maybe you will have other ideas.
I will mention both the optimal strategy play and what I think would happen in terms of roles.

  1. Optimal play
    Currently, bad teams don’t donate. Good teams follow this strategy: wait till you get 400 points, then donate to 1 person who will attack. I think that a perfectly strategic team would also donate 400 points to 1 player, but the last step is reversed: rather than attack, the high-point player plays SUPER defense, doing whatever they can to stay alive, away from people who want their points- staying on their side in general. Then, the 2 other players go super aggressive. As soon as one gets into the win zone, the other 0 point player suicides, and the points are donated. A win, and you get 2 high-threat attackers instead of 1. Actually, you get 3 - the 400 point player, playing a safer game, is likely to outlast the others, at which point another attack is inbound. Because of this, defense is really hard to play here, so it’s better to get points fast. The only problem with this strategy is that it requires a hole for the 400 point player to get to in order to donate, but the benefits are good enough.

  2. Modules with Roles.
    It’s naive to think that the best team will have all the same roles to play, powerups will need to fit into each niche. Since defense is so hard, optimal play will be about getting points and survivals, not about sneaking into the base. This reduces the value of speed a lot. One setup might be this:

Survivor: The one who will keep the points while the others attack. Also mainly responsible for getting survivals, the most important role. They want items designed for survival, so jump/angle turns are good choices. Since they will carry the points, shield is good too. It might be useful to be able to break lines, so trigger bomb can help with this - it’s also another jump. (Trigger is the best for survival I think. If you use angle turns maybe time is preferable) Mines are a bit under powered now though so maybe not.

Thief: A player who will go out and try to steal points from the other team. Scatter shot and zap are both super good. Besides the short-ranged item, it’s good to have a long ranged, I think homing missile is a good choice since it also prevents people from cutting you off and helps with defense. Otherwise just pick a fever.

Assassin: It might be better to have another stealer, but it’s fun to have 3 different roles. The assassin would be used for keeping people away from the base. Not to say they go back and draw a circle around your circle, that generally isn’t so effective. They just go and chase down someone with high points and try to kill them fast while keeping them away. Killing and defending means Speed Burst/Speedy (ah, I can’t go without admitting that they are good). I think the secondary item depends on where your team is weak. This is most likely the hardest role to play of the 3.


Nice written :slight_smile:
Hmm sometimes we play in random teams and it’s much harder if u don’t have people SURVIVOR, THIEF and ASSASSIN. It’s why I play Speed + Zap and I am Thief+Assassin combo. Of course, it’s not good at all, because I have problems with 2xSpeed, but with some skill, one speed is enough :slight_smile:


In this case… I am an one man show! I am survivor (because of my steering skills), Thief (because of my laser and one shot) and Assassin (because of all of my skills) xD .

But actually, no, I am non of them, I am just the worst focuser you could meet.


True, I confirmed that… Love u ;*


I think to observe nice strategic play with random players, there should be some way to talk privately and quickly with the other players, eg with a microphone.

Sometimes when I’m dead I see one team member getting close to the drop zone, the other team member with the points is near the donate zone, and of course they never donate.
But you can’t really blame them, it’s hard to keep an eye on what’s going on on the other side of the screen.