'Only play in the selected region' preference ignored



Depending on the time of days and players online – I sometimes find myself put into games on the EU server despite having my preferences set for the US server and the ‘Only play in the selected region’ box checked. It’s been happening for a while now, at least the last month as far as I can remember. Anyone else have this problem?

Changes Servers when i have it to¨Only play in the selected region¨

Have you tried toggling it off and on again?
Not sure why it wouldn’t be working. :frowning:


I will do that and keep you posted. That said I have turned it off and back on (with games in between) quite a few times of the last few weeks.


yes me too


Isn’t this the bug that it looks at where most of the matched players are from, and starts the room on that region, disregarding amount of time in queue, etc.?


No luck with toggling off then on - out of the 6 games I just played, 3 were on the EU server. If it’s any use, here are the games:





I guess it annoys me cause I already get about 220 ping on the US server… but on the EU it’s at least 340 and more spikes. I give up.


Just a quick question – this has been marked under ‘Known Bugs’… what does that mean in terms of it being fixed?


Will be fixed in the next major update within a couple weeks.


Excellent news. Thank you!


Should be fixed in the lastest update. (1.8)