Old players advantages vs new players. Is it fair?



anyone who was an old player before they changed the powers to unlock at levels has higher level powers that they should take me for example as you can see in the image I am level 21 but have the laser and other higher level things. most people I play with wonder how I got the trigger mine at level 21 and I get questioned a lot. I don’t know how you would fix this and I am sure you knew about it just wanted to discuss it with other players and see if it is fair since we earned them in the old k.o. version or if we should have to re-earn them. also, I wound up getting a lot of power for my things as you can see

and last but not least i have played 696 matches


This is a kind of XMas gift for old player i imagine…


yes it was
I always use and love the trigger mine and I think I would be triggered if I didn’t have it when i came back after I stopped playing for almost a year.


also i can’t level up because if i get 2nd place in almost any match i lose points


Hmmm actually I enjoy it. I noticed it much earlier on, ever since the leveling system was introduced.


yes i enjoyed it to i was trying to pose the question to newer players


new players being people who started playing after they changed how you get the powers