OLD Curve mode



Hi everybody, I’m one of the players who used to play this game years before when was totally different,
you didn’t had your own weapons,they were spawning randomly on map, but one of interesting thing was ELIMINATION rounds, so its not about GOAL of 250 pts, it was about if there are 6 players , and coming rounds having less and less players,at the end its 1vs1 final round, two best in that game…

My suggestion is to TRY to ADD this game mode on STEAM to be available to play beside one we have right now.
It would speed up match finding and starting the game for sure cuz by this type we play today 6 players are constantly trapped in game, by old game mode when ppl get eliminated they return to lobby they’re not in game too long…
What you people think?


In the beginning we tested out the knock out mode,where everyone had their selected modules/powers ,but you have to grab some orbs through the game field to enable your powers,first round nobody get knocked out,just the winner was immune for the next round,and so and so on till the final fight among two finalists.
This mode sadly will not be possible as far as i know,due to the game development bankrupt.i miss previous version of curve fever as well,the more early version of it,the more skilled players there were and that encouraged me to learn from them or just watch and have fun :wink:


Heya thats an nice idea but the game is not developed anymore… So the game is dead… Have a nice day


Its ok, just because the game is not developed anymore does not mean that its gone, It will come back, trust me.