[OFFICIAL] World Cup Event



:cfp: Information

Hey curvers!

This year will be big for tournaments as we begin the 2nd Official World Cup Event with many tournaments held within this!

:construction: How this works

There will be 6 events played within the World Cup, one every 2 weeks starting from February 12th. There will be individual posts explaining each event once they come.

Each player plays for a team of 5 players. YOU CAN ONLY FORM A TEAM WITH PLAYERS FROM YOUR REGION. It is possible for a region to have multiple teams.

All events are designed for 4 players per team playing. If all 5 team members show up to an event you can rotate them on/off the bench to your own liking.

Reserves are not allowed, however it is allowed to change a team member if something comes up that (potentially) disallows them to play. This can only be done once and means this player can no longer get back into that team during the event.

If a team swaps a team member their new roster must be clarified 30m before the start of an event. Of course this new team member must be from the same region. During an event you cannot swap team members.

From the first 5 events, the best 3 performances will count towards your team’s final scoring to qualify for the (final) 6th event. This means it is not at all necessary to have time for all events if you want to sign up. The specifics for finals qualification will be determined after seeing the participation in the first event.

What if less than 4 teammates can make it to an event?

It is possible to play some of the events with only 2 or 3 team members. You will of course be at a disadvantage. However, your team will not be completely helpless as the missing teammates will still count for half the average points. (E.g. 300 avg points per player in the match = 150 points for your missing teammate in a teams match (with the exception of VIP teams of course))

:trophy: Tournaments

Nr. Game mode Date Forum Link
1 VIP Teams 12th February [OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 1 - VIP Teams
2 FFA 8 Players 25th February [OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 2 - 8 FFA Players - 25.02.2023 - 20:00 CET
3 4 vs. 4 FFA Teams 12th March [OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 3 - 4 vs. 4 FFA - 12.03.2023 - 20:00 CET
4 1 vs. 1 25th March [OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 4 - 1 vs. 1 - 25.03.2023 - 20:00 CET
5 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 FFA Teams 9th April [OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 5 - 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 - 09.04.2023 - 20:00 CEST
6 Mixture of FFA, 1 vs. 1, and Teams 23rd April

:world_map: Regions

Region 1: Western Europe

Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal

Region 2: Central Europe

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece

Region 3: Eastern Europe

Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey

Region 4: Northern Europe

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland

Region 5: North America

United States, Canada

Region 6: Rest of the world

Mexico, South America, Caribbean Islands, Africa, Asia, Oceania.

:memo: Finding a team / Signup

Where do I find players from my region?

In the discord there will be a #wc-teamfinding channel where you can write β€œLooking for team in region [number] as [in-game-name]” to show that you are available in your region. If you see others from your region you can contact them on discord or in game to form a team.

When I have a team, how do I sign up?

One team member can write β€œOur WC team is in as [team name] with players [name],[name],[name],[name],[name]” under this forum post or in the #wc-signup channel on Discord.

:gem: Prizes

All events have the 10 gems per round system, and since it is impossible to get eliminated between tournaments this already guarantees around 300-500 gems simply from playing all the events :money_mouth_face:

Placement Tour Qualifiers Final Tour
1st 50 :gem: :crown: + Exclusive WC Avatar + 800 :gem:
2nd 25 :gem: 500 :gem:
3rd 0 :gem: 200 :gem:
4th 0 :gem: 0 :gem:
5th 0 :gem: 0 :gem:
6th 0 :gem: 0 :gem:
7th 0 :gem: 0 :gem:
8th 0 :gem: 0 :gem:

There will be no distribution of crowns in the first 5 tournaments but only gem distribution.
There will be a crown for the final tournament which is the Mixed game mode tournament.

:raised_hand: FAQ

Can I sign up as a team of 4 players?

Yes, but it brings the risk that you need all players to play every time if you want to perform well.

Can I sign up after the event has already started?

Yes, your qualification score is based on the sum of the best 3 event scores so it might even be theoretically possible to qualify for the finals even if you only played 2 events.

:speaking_head: Organisation


Until then, happy curving!

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[OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 1 - VIP Teams
[OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 2 - 8 FFA Players - 25.02.2023 - 20:00 CET
[OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 4 - 1 vs. 1 - 25.03.2023 - 20:00 CET

I am confused on how Greece is considered part of Central Europe instead of Eastern Europe. Russia is not listed in any region, so does that mean it is in Region 6 because most of Russia by land mass is in Asia? There are quite a few countries missing from the list, so I will say where I think they should be. Monaco and Andorra should be added to Region 1: Western Europe. Malta, Vatican City, San Marino, and Liechtenstein should be added to Region 2: Central Europe. For Region 3: Eastern Europe, there seems to be a mistake in that Romania was listed twice. Some countries that were not included that should probably be added to Region 6 are Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama. These countries are in North America, but are not listen in Region 5 or 6.


Hello Hunter.
The names of the regions are simply placeholders and do not represent the geographical position of all included countries.


Rewatch the Finals here:


:globe_with_meridians: WC UPDATE :globe_with_meridians:

After deliberation with the CC crew the precise dates for the upcoming WC events are now set in stone πŸͺ¨

4v4 FFA - 2023-03-12T19:00:00Z :spiral_calendar:
1v1 - 2023-03-25T19:00:00Z :spiral_calendar:
2v2v2v2 FFA - 2023-04-09T18:00:00Z :spiral_calendar:
FINALS: Mix FFA/1v1/teams - 2023-04-23T18:00:00Z :spiral_calendar:

This does mean there will be some collision for WC events and CC tournaments but this was sadly the best option we had. The CC crew will try to avoid the WC finals weekend as much as possible, so we can still expect to see a very competitive finals! :video_game:

[OFFICIAL] World Cup Event 4 - 1 vs. 1 - 25.03.2023 - 20:00 CET
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