[OFFICIAL] - Wojtas wins September '18 'All Powers' Tournament! + Finals Video!


Hey everyone,

This is just going to be a short statement from myself, Owl, about this last tournament.

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in this tournament, it was a little confusing to begin with considering the number of players who didn’t turn up, however we got through and had an exciting, closely fought (and kinda laggy) final! Congratulations to @Wojtas for winning! @Bantonaut was a very close 2nd and @Line also fought really well for 3rd!

Screenshot of Finals results

Video of Final

Also if anyone would like to edit this properly and reshare it, feel free!

Thank you @Robt44 for livestreaming it, and thank you to the other moderators who helped inputting scores - especially @anja who missed the chance to participate to help organise everything. :slight_smile:

Despite some lag issues, I think this tournament was a success, thank you so much to everyone for being so patient with me organising my first official tournament. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to many more!

Thank you,

PS: For the next tournament (date to be announced) we will try to create something a bit more newcomer friendly - though this will be properly announced soon.

Semifinal1 :)



idk if everybody already know about the results ,but the title spoil the video imvvvvvvho :joy:
in the other hand,the tourney was a success with such a good participants,some missings,but from 4ters till the end was hilarious,nice work mod team :wink:
ps: bantonaut said here i come for the lols and finished 2nd xd


Congratulations @Wojtas, @Bantonaut and @Line :confetti_ball::clap: and thank you @Owl and trusted helpers for organizing such an awesome competition! :cookie::heart:


Ugh, I calculated the start time in my timezone incorrectly and completely missed the whole thing. (I mean, it’s not like I would have gotten past the gold round anyway, so I’m fine with it.)

I wonder what next month’s tournament is going to be.

What I expect: No modules.
What I hope for: Speed Boost and Brake only.


Congratulations for winning team Poland, I mean Wojtas and Ozzzj. It seems that Ozzzj was very clever during the finals on the final round - doing everything strategically eventho that he couldn’t win (point-wise, due to it being last round), managed to pick up 5 fevers from Wojtas in the same round by the end. He picked overall 11 fevers.

Figure it out yourself. https://youtu.be/omnRGK2VdK0?t=20m54s


It’s not me, it’s my twin brother… :hushed:
But seriously, I admit, I helped my compatriot win. :poland:
(Such a mentality of Poles that we always help each other)
And the team responsible for the tournament took appropriate steps in this direction. I have to apologize to you, I will not participate in the next tours. I did not kill anyone, so I hope no one will hate me for that.

I wanted him to win at the expense of my points, although he did not ask me for it. So I have courage and I am willing to bear all his consequences, because he did not deserve that.


  • Ozzzj


Title to banto please.


You win as a team, you go down as a team. Wojtas is as guilty as you are.


I will not agree with that


As paul mentioned right, I have played this tournament for fun. So I dont really care who wins or not.

Its just the “legal” way that suprises me a bit.
I havent mentioned teaming while playing but after reading discord & and watching the video today, I got a bit annoyed…

The sad point in my opinion:
This “teaming” was practised from a moderator who should know the rules and act like a role model for all other players.


As a moderator, Ozzzj has made a formal apology and has accepted the following punishment: He will not be allowed to participate in the next few upcoming tournaments.

As for Wojtas, he will keep his champion title and prize. I am unsure as to whether or not he asked to be teamed with or whether it was entirely Ozzzj’s doing, and to take the prize away would also be unfair. Also, the lags due to servers in the game were about as, if not more influential than 1 or 2 rounds of teaming in the final, I don’t think its that easy to say who would have won the tournament.

For future tournaments, there will be special care made to ensure that teaming does not take place, and consequences for such behaviour will be taken more seriously.


Wait, how many is “few”?


Well i guess i should be teaming next time as well then if thats ur decision :joy: gonna hire someone to get my fevers hehe :joy: just joking but srsly this should be punished more especially cause it was a mod

Don’t think this behavior qualifies u to be a mod at all… its just sad


Next tournament you are welcome to try and cheat :slight_smile: I can promise you won’t get away with it and you will definitely be penalised far more greatly than anyone was this time.

In terms of Ozzzj’s consequences, while Ozzzj has accepted an disqualification from all curve fever pro tournaments ever, I do want him to participate in them at some point in the future. He’s one of the stronger players of this game and it would be unfortunate for everyone if he wasn’t able to participate. At the moment his disqualification will last until the December tournament.

Also with regards to his actions as a moderator, I can only say this. For this tournament, any moderators who were not assisting the organisation of the tournament and were participating, were told to act as players and not moderators. Day-to-day as a moderator, Ozzzj is active and responsible and his actions in those few rounds at the end of the final game of the tournament final do not reflect his actions as a moderator on a day-to-day basis.

Since he was participating in the tournament as a normal player, I have given him the same punishment I would have given any other player who had cheated in this way. In fact in this instance (with the ambiguous consequences and lack of any officially stated rules) I probably would have only banned them from 1 upcoming tournament rather than 2 or 3. This will change for future tournaments where such cheating will be taken far more seriously. The exact consequences will be confirmed in the rules of the next tournament.


It is weired that u let obviously teamers win the tournament.

Both should be disqualified!

As for Wojtas, he will keep his champion title and prize. I am unsure as to whether or not he asked to be teamed with or whether it was entirely Ozzzj’s doing, and to take the prize away would also be unfair

Its not hard to proof that he asked for help:

translation: banto leading again

That was exactly the time when ozzzj startet taking 5 fevers in one round.

Of course he didnt write “help me please” but that message and the actions afterwards are proof enough.

For bant and line it`s very unfair if wojtas can keep his position and title, they both played fair without any help.


“Masz szansę na top 1, ja już nie.”

It was a reference to this, we had a loose conversation in 3 on the chat.


What about this ,banto leading again"? I just said the fact. I didnt’ intend to team, just saying.


It’d be stupid from you admitting that you were teaming. You two were already stupid enough to be caught of doing so.

You are not a champion and you will never be one. Just because on paper it is written, whole CFP community knows how you have gotten it, and if someone doesn’t, I’ll make sure they do.


I am more astonished on how the staff handled this case. How, even after watching the video do you proceed to reward this player? :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


the matter has been explained long ago