[OFFICIAL] Unexpected Couples Tournament - 28.05.2023 - 20:00CEST



:cfp: Tournament info

The tournament will start as Normal FFA, this means you can use any powers in every round. The format will be double elimination as always which ensures that one bad game does not eliminate you from the tournament immediately.

When there are 16 players remaining, they will be semirandomly paired and move on to the 2v2 stage of the tournament. Players must accept their pairing no matter how much they dislike that person. The 2v2 stage will be any powers and normal settings, played as a double elimination style bracket.

The pairing is done based on performance in the last round, where getting a good placement gives you a slightly higher chance of a better teammate.

2v2 Pairing details

The names WB1 and WB2 get randomized for the pairings below, 1/4 chance to get one of these pairing systems:

  • 1st WB1 with 1st PO1, 2nd WB1 with 2nd PO1 etc
  • 1st WB1 with 2nd PO1, 2nd WB1 with 1st PO1, 3rd WB1 with 4th PO1, 4th WB1 with 3rd PO1 (same with WB2/PO2)
  • 1st WB1 with 3rd WB1, 2nd WB1 with 4th WB1 (same with all other games)
  • 1st WB1 with 2nd WB2, 2nd WB1 with 1st WB2, 3rd WB1 with 4th WB2, 4th WB1 with 3rd WB2 (same with PO’s)

So 1/8 chance to get any particular pairing and equal chance of getting paired with someone from any of the 4 ffa games.

:gear: Game settings

  • Turrets off
  • Pickups off
  • Unranked rooms
  • Any modules

:memo: Sign-up

Use one of the following 4 ways to sign up:

  • Write I am in as ~username~ under this post.
  • Type in the #tournament-sign-up channel on Discord "I am in as ~username~".
  • Send a private message to Ivan.#6463, Isar#5842, SHEEP#0001, Voytec#9358 on Discord with your username.
  • Let one of the tournament organisers know in-game that you want to participate.

By signing up, you automatically agree to the rules below!

:construction: Schedule

The tournament will take place on 2023-05-28T18:00:00Z.
The schedule will be posted here 30 minutes before the tournament!

:no_entry: Rules

Please read these carefully!
  • Be on time. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you are out.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches, unless all parties agree to a rematch.
  • Cheating is forbidden in tournaments; any sign of players using third party software, playing on someone else’s accounts, teaming with other players to ambush some other player, intentionally feeding, etc, will not be tolerated.
  • Intentionally hindering or helping another player at the sacrifice of your own game is not permitted and hindering other’s performance/experience in any way i.e. seen focusing/targeting a specific player at an obvious sight will be counted as not abiding by this rule. Failure to abide by this will result from a ban from next tournament hosted, regardless the mode.
  • The moderators will review each case one by one thoroughly in all fairness. Moderators have authority to make any decision necessary in relation to this rule and other rules/situations deemed worthy of review. Once a decision is made, it’s final, and by signing up for this tournament, you agree to respect moderators decision in any of these situations.
  • If you find a decision unfair or worthy of review, approach the tournament crew privately in DM. Those who decide to discuss it publicly will receive a warning to discontinue the conversation and go to DMs, and if unheeded they will be dealt with an appropriate punishment.
  • Players who are banned from tournaments or game are not permitted to play in the tournament with an alternative account. Fail to abide by this rule will and can result in harsher punishments.
  • Any toxicity that is extreme or brought up by any player to a tour crew / helper has a chance to have it reviewed fairly, and if it is deemed toxic, will lead to disqualification and no prizes rewarded for the tournament.
  • Winner posts the match results in the curve fever discord #tournament-results. - This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing !lastmatch <username> where username is your username.
  • In the case of a draw, whoever won the most rounds (most points scored in that round) in that game wins the tiebreaker. If it is still tied at this point it will be decided by a coinflip.
  • The organization, being official staff, have the last word when it comes to decisions.

:trophy: PRIZES

:gem: :gem: :gem:

You will receive 10 gems per round you play.

:gem: :gem: :gem:

Podium rewards

First Place :1st_place_medal: Second Place :2nd_place_medal: Third Place :3rd_place_medal:
0-19 Players* :crown: + :trophy: Avatar + 200 :gem: 100 :gem: 50 :gem:
20-39 Players* :crown: + :trophy: Avatar + 300 :gem: 200 :gem: 100 :gem:
40-59 Players* :crown: + :trophy: Avatar + 400 :gem: 300 :gem: 150 :gem:
60+ Players* :crown: + :trophy: Avatar + 500 :gem: 400 :gem: 200 :gem:

:speaking_head: Organization


We hope to see you! Until then, happy curving :cfp:

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I am in as FaZeFruity


I am in as JimCorleone


I’m in as intra


I-m in as Bumblebee


I’m in as DarkLight


I am in as CurveMaster.

Email me using the email in my bio for communication.


I’m in as Night


Im in an Mikiszum69


I’m in as jeba


Hey! At this stage all registrations are automatically validated, so if you show up in time -preferably 15 mins or so before the tour starts- and confirm your participation either here or in some other way to a tour host, then you’re in. :slight_smile: We will not be sending individual emails as reminders to players but you can note down the date and time so as not to miss the tournament.


I signed up but wont be able to play - DarkLight


I am in as xxBachurekxx


im in as Treep


I am in as toasty


We have capped the signees to 56 players, therefore only 4 more players can join the tour! First comes first, any signups after all spots taken will be on reserves.


Im in as olangmyr