[Official] Tournament World Cup



Updated the next tournament! :joy: we are halfway through… you guys got 3 more chances to qualify! GL :heart:


@Ambroz37 here you can see the current standings :stuck_out_tongue: you in the top 12 atm


Yeah, I just searched for it haha. I have no idea how but ok :rofl:


So unknown has maximum points possible already haha :rofl:


Yea :joy: if he gets first again the 20 winners points will be added to nobody!


And then u see some people who played 1 tour and are in front of me haha :joy:
But I get more points every tour so I hope this will go on in future as well haha :smiley:


Updated to the 4th Tournament! There are only 2 left for you to qualify in … currently you need 10 points to qualify :heart:


Yasss I am 3rd now :grin: I will get 1 point in trigger+laser so thats good haha :joy:


5/6 :white_check_mark: … last one follows next week, it is getting real close from the places 10-18 :warning: there can still happen a lot!!!


Lol i forgotten about teh wc5


Hereby the qualifiers are over! The plan on how we are going to proceed will follow the next week :heart: congrats to everyone that qualified :medal_military:


What do the #'s mean in the spread sheet in some player’s column? I noticed that they didn’t add up to a player’s total score.


It means that they played more then 3 games… only top 3 count :wink:


Oh ok.


This week the play-off games will happen. Once I got confirmation from all finalists I will randomize the semifinals and we are good to go :joy:

Good Luck to everyone :four_leaf_clover::trophy:

Hint: Take a look at the World Cup Qualifying Schedule!!!


The Play-Off happened just now. Congrats to lag for qualifying an a close match-up with Deur’!

The SEMIS have been randomized. I will soon contact the players to settle dates for the 2 semis! :stuck_out_tongue:


Big final tonight :trophy: good luck to all participants and may the best one win :four_leaf_clover::cfp:


Congrats to @Owl for winning an exciting final :joy: @UnknownPlayer became a close second and @lag did amazing and ended up 3rd! Sadly the other participants were plagued by technical difficulties, if I may say so :joy:

Anyways, Thanks to everyone for participating in this big event :heart: I hope you all had fun!

Praise our king @Owl :crown: :heart_eyes: :trophy:

See you at the next tournament: [Official] Ranked Tournament


ill join no… is my username


This event is already over, sry :stuck_out_tongue: