[Official] Tournament World Cup



[Official] Tournament World Cup :trophy:

Hi everyone! :wave:

We start the new year this time with a slightly bigger event. There will be 6 tournaments with special powers over the next months. Depending on the final placement players will collect points :basket:.

Placement Points
1st 20
2nd 15
3rd 12
4th 9
5th 7
6th 5
Reached Semifinal 3
Played 1

The best 3 results count for everyone, so you don’t have to participate in all 6 tournaments. The best 12 players qualify for the World Cup final :trophy:. Should 2 or more players end up with the same amount of points there will be play-off games! But more info about this when it comes to it. Each tournament is announced normally and the registration runs as before.

:cfp: Tournaments

Nr. Powers Link Points Updated
1 Jump + One Shot [Official] World Cup #1 Tournament Yes
2 Speed Burst + Zap [Official] World Cup #2 Tournament Yes
3 Angle Turns + Time Bomb [Official] World Cup #3 Tournament Yes
4 Hide Self + Scatter Shot [Official] World Cup #4 Tournament Yes
5 Trigger Bomb + Laser [Official] World Cup #5 Tournament Yes
6 Thick + Trippy [Official] World Cup #6 Tournament Yes

If one does not have one of the two modules, that player will have to play without that module. You are not allowed to use any other modules.

:scroll: Current Standings

:gem: Prices

The prizes for the single tournaments will be pretty low and there will be no champ tag for those either. However the prizes for the finals will be a lot bigger!

Placement Qualifiers Finals
1st 50 :gem: 400 :gem: + :crown:
2nd 25 :gem: 250 :gem:
3rd - 100 :gem:
4th - 50 :gem:
5th - 25 :gem:
6th - -


Thats gonna be a big CFP tour event… Cool!


finally gonna get last battle pass…
(am I getting hopeful?)


Umh idk


here we go


We need more ads for the WC! LOL


Feel free to share it in-game, we cannot put ads in it sadly. Get promoting guys :stuck_out_tongue:




And how to actually register? :smiley:


@Wojtas thats only an info about BiG TOURNAMENT event bRuH :slight_smile:
Here is the one shot tour from The World Cup


Edited it in. Might be better then simply the date :wink:




First WC Qualifier is over Points are updated! Congrats to everyone that has been playing :wink:


New Qualifier is out!


Can I sign up for it?


Sure look at the link in the main post


For the next tour i should use PC instead of phone :rofl:


Updated for the second tournament!!!


Third tour is announced! This one will be one to crush nerves :joy: might take forever but hope you guys will have fun!


:rofl: lol lemme win one tour :rofl: