[Official] Tournament Poll



Hi everyone :wave:,

After yesterdays tournament I decided to let you guys choose what tournament will happen next! The options in the following poll have been chosen by several players and myself :joy:

You may choose 2 of the following options. If you have other ideas feel free to name them in the comments below and I will consider them for future tournaments!

  • Fevers only for Corona
  • All out attack (no passives)
  • Hide Self + Anything
  • Corner + Lazr (For 74R45 :joy:)
  • Shots only

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This poll will close in 1 week from now!

Thanks for voting :heart:


Where is Bomb Tour??


I want to test it first because mines introduce lag sometimes. Therefore I did not include it in the poll above.


Oh I didn’t know that.


I like the idea of corner+laser, but maybe corner+anything? Would be more varied with probably mines, timebombs or maybe even thin or dash.


Might add that if your comments gets more likes :joy:


Ok, that’s fair!


no corner :sob:


Ya pls.


yeah, and 6 participants, who can play this well + each match would last 20 mins


6 participants who can play this well? I’m not sure there will be even 6 who can play corner well :joy:


By the way Line, I think that mines/bombs tour should happen once, I don’t remember it happening before (mine, stealth mine, timebomb and trigger bomb). Should be fun!


Yes Red only is pretty much the only thing we did not have yet. Just want to test the lags first.


In all out attack fevers shouldn’t be allowed pls. And @Line did u check the lag for mines?


Fevers r allowed … no havent had tme yet


5 likes (+1 from me which I can’t make for my own post)=6. It’s more than 3 votes for corner+laser Line. It seems people are more interested on corner+anything tour than corner+laser


when will this tournament be??? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Nothing planned yet, just to see what people wanna see :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, but 8 p.m.?
or u dont know now?


Literally nothing planned yet :joy: neither the time nor the date
Just wanted to ask the community for some tournament ideas and whether they like the ones above or not :joy: