[Official] The Normal Tournament




[Official] The Normal Tournament

This tournament will be just like quickplay. Turrets are on and all powers allowed. I wish all participants good luck! If you have any questions just send a message to Line!


You can signup using our Discord server Join-Chat-Discord
I don’t know how to signup! Learn more by reading this article!

Date and time

  • Signup deadline: 15 minutes before start of the tournament
  • Tournament starting: Sunday 2019-10-13 at 20:00 CEST

:no_entry: RULES

:warning: Please read these carefully :warning:

  • I accept that the tournament is played with the game as it is. This including bugs and lag.
  • Being on time is a must. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you won’t be able to join the tournament anymore.
  • Any player who signs up and confirms their attendance but fails to come will be banned from participating in the next tournament.
  • You will respect the times mentioned on the schedule.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches.
  • The majority of players decide if the games are ranked or un-ranked.
  • Teaming is not allowed and all players involved will be punished.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.
  • Unless stated otherwise by a tournament host, the winning player/team will post the match results in the curve fever discord #tournament-results. - This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing !lastmatch <username> where username is your username. Not doing this = removal of 20% of the points in that match.
  • The organization, being official moderators and Hidden Monster Games representatives, are always right and have the last word.
  • I have read, understood and agree with the rules, as posted in this topic.

:construction: CREATION


  • Time of creation
  • Name of the match
  • Password
    :red_circle: Check the schedule to find this info :arrow_right: Click to view schedule

:grey_exclamation: Notes:

  • Join the match/lobby at least 5 minutes in advance.
  • All times are in Amsterdam time. That is GMT+1 or CET.
  • Moderators will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.


First Place :1st_place_medal: Second Place :2nd_place_medal: Third Place :3rd_place_medal:
0-19 Players* Champ Title + 200 gems 100 gems 50 gems
20-39 Players* Champ Title + 300 gems 200 gems 100 gems
40-59 Players* Champ Title + 400 gems 300 gems 150 gems
60+ Players* Champ Title + 500 gems 400 gems 200 gems

*Amount of players mentioned is the amount that is starting in the first round. (Prizes might still change)


Click to read

All official Curve Fever tournaments are subject to this disclaimer without exclusion. In order to keep tournaments organized and more enjoyable for everyone: Once the signup deadline is reached; no changes are made to its content that may be rules, the player list (no switches are allowed.), times and days mentioned. Players must keep to the starting times of matches and as mentioned in the posts. You must post results of each match in discord #tournament-results. The only way to signup is through the Discord bot. After confirming your attendance you must show up in time, if you fail to do so you will get banned from the upcoming tournament(s).

Happy curving! Hoping to see you in the tournament and may the best player win!


Looking forward to it!


When I will post a match result it will look like that : !Lastmatch The-Golden 51 points
??? (It will be my first tournament! Im so happy!)


And there will be a room called : Official normal tournament? And I must join it? And 4th place and down will get no rewards? ( Sorry for questions)


No problem, ask as many questions as you want :joy:

  1. yes, the winner writes “!lastmatch user_name” in the tournament-results channel on discord

  2. shortly before the start a schedule will be posted, look for your name in the schedule and go to the room you are in.

  3. The tournament will consist of multiple rounds and only the best 3 players in the final round will get prizes.

  1. Reply Question so there will be a room like
    Tournament players : The-Golden, Line, Theangelov,… ,… ,…??? And I must join it or there will be a post?


And if I will play on phone and I will be first I still must write it in 5 sec round brake!?


Here is the schedule of an the last tournament. If you click on it and go to the second page you see lots of room. Look for your name in the new schedule once it is posted and then go to that room!


And it will be posted on something or just i need to click join room and find the tournament room…
(Sorry im polish so im bad at English. If u want to Ban me for beginning stupid XD, just Ban me


You have to be aware of how the tournament sheet is moving on,watch some of those tournaments examples to get used how mechanics work,i’d sugest to watch an almost empty tour template with its formulas to see which group u will pass once u get a determinate place


So there will be like 3 rooms A,B,C? And I must join the correct room?


Hi Golden. Once you’ve signed up on Discord you will receive a reminder 1 hour before it begins where you must confirm your attendance. Then 15 minutes before it begins a schedule is released. Here you will see what room you are starting in, and in-between games you check what room you will be in next as it is updated in real time. Hope this helps and good luck! <3


On discord?


BTW how long will be these breaks before the next round


Sometimes (most of them),there is no long break periods,it may be instant the next round to be played,but the answer u wanna hear is between 10-15 minutes


Yup all on discord xD


Discord… Ok im prepared for the tournament… THX all!:grinning:


@The-Golden if u want you can add me on discord and I can help u before tour and while tour is being played woth schedule and where u need to go :wink::blush:


Thx ambroz!


Btw @Line hope u will win an Official tournament… Ha… Ha…Ha…
That was a joke cuz I will win that tournament!!! :smiling_imp: 367-3678429_free-png-download-sans-bad-time-eye-png