[Official] The Normal Tournament - Results



Good Monday morning everyone,

Yet again we had an exciting tournament. I would like to thank my two helpers @theangelov (amazing videos <3, schedule) and @the_hashtag (schedule).

Now to the most important part. After a 3 round final we found the winner of this tournament and it is … :drum: drum-roll … @Masterbomb444 :crown:. Congrats man you played amazingly. Close second was @NICK, who would have deserved the win just as much. These two battled it out this time since the rest always felt a little behind. 3rd @Python, 4th @Ambroz37 (dont spam tag me pls :joy:), 5th Line, 6th @theangelov



Hope to see you at the next one <3 :crown: :crab: As always, if you have feedback or suggestions for future tournaments please tell me :wink:


Congrats everyone again. I am at least not a noob now @Line… I actually dont know what’s worse: bot or noob :joy::thinking::laughing:


Should I change it :joy: u kind of deserved that nickname tho haha


What r u then? If I am a noob and I was better than u, that means u r a super noob :rofl::wink:


Omg yes :joy: a noob and a super noob in the final of a tournament :joy:


Wassup noobs, the ultra noob is here :sunglasses:


xD idk y u dropped


Line I am here to report two people in a curve match that kicked told me to join and taunted me and wasted my time told some joined my server asked me to make them host and I did so and in return they kicked me from my own room. Firestrike and shockster24 were the culprits.


This is not the place to report people, neither am I the one that is supposed to deal with reports :wink: please write a support email, or report people in game by right clicking on their name!