[OFFICIAL] The Normal Tour (15th May) 20:00 CEST



Im in as Mikiszum69


Im in as HyceK :cowboy_hat_face:


Since I am a complete :clown_face: , I passed many hours doing the spreadsheet with an 6 FFA format, and I will not have the time to restart and change the whole format/sheet to 8 FFA .
Therefore, we are forced to switch to 6 FFA. I am deeply sorry for the inconveniences and I hope it is not too much of a problem.


I’m in as Waky


Im in as Shakirawei1 :grin:


ok im officially in and LETS Go 6 PLAYER


The Schedule https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f2UxJz6Eo6zzTIc8uBJz-dJRnveSdTCOwZvjx3t9yM4/edit?usp=sharing


Im in as Kocica22


Im in as Mysric Gohan.


This acc just happened to be signed in already so i used it instead of signing into my own.


cant make it nvm


Im in as «Diehard69»


The tournament ended.