Official statement regarding tournaments


Hi all, most of you have probably already heard the sad news.
But from now on there won’t be any official tournaments anymore.

Unfortunately someone is attacking the servers to sabotage the tournaments.
This has been happening for months now, I’ve tried to patch some things like adding captcha, rate limiting and more but if someone really wants to break stuff they will almost always find a way.
Because of my limited time and because we don’t know the reasoning behind these attacks I won’t be able to keep on trying to stop the attacks.

Unfortunately this also means that Zuzi steps down as tournament moderator because there are no tournaments anymore. Here you can read the message.

OK guys, since this tour has been attacked by the hacker again, as well as every official tour in the last 4 months, its just not worth the time for me to keep putting hours of work into events, that will be messed up within a blink of an eye. Therefor i am stepping down as the lead tournament-moderator. This results in the end of official CFPro tournaments permanently. I hope you had fun with my events that managed to be finished and a am gutted to not being able to actualise the projects i had in mind. Wish you all the best in your lives. See you!:rasta:

I still hope the one behind the attacks will contact me some day and that we can get to know his motivation. I doubt that his goal was to make an end to tournaments so maybe we can chat about it.

What now?

Unofficial tournaments organized by players have never been targeted.
So, we will support those by providing rewards.
We can not guarantee the person behind the attacks won’t target the unofficial tournaments but it’s something we can try at least.

The rewards

For every 5 participants (rounded down) that PLAY in the tournament you can add 100 gems :gem: to the prize pool.
The minimum amount of playing participants to get rewards is 10.
If there are 23 participants the prize pool will be 400 gems and if there are 25 it will be 500 gems.
It’s up to the tournament organizer how to divide the gems.

If there are more than 20 participants we will also give a champ crown :crown: to the winner. (for teams all team members can get the crown)

Please note that we may change this rewards in the future but this is a good start.

Submission and approval

Unofficial tournaments have to be submitted to the moderators.
You can make the forum post and send the link to moderators.
They will review it and let you know if it’s eligible for rewards.
Make sure to include clear rules in your tournament.
After getting approval you will also be given access to write in the tournament announcements channel on Discord.

Unofficial Tournament Team
[UNOFFICIAL] Laser Tournament



I think part of the problem could be one of these things:

  1. Someone on the forum seeing all of the offical tours and having the skill to hack them
  2. Someone not on the forum or discord but they play the game and see the offical tours and the time they are starting.

Number two is more likely to me. We still could have offical tours just they need to only be avalible to people on the fourm or discord. We could also get a discord ONLY for tours and if there are still hackers we can narrow down who this is and ban them for ruining something that was being looked forward to by 20-50 players.


The moderators have already tried this by posting a fake date/time for the tournament.
They only messaged the participants with the real time and the tournament still got attacked.
Our assumption is that the person behind the attacks in in the tournaments or he is in contact with someone who is.
But it’s all just speculating and it won’t solve the issue.
You also have to understand it’s frustrating to spend time on hosting a tour and then having to let down all players.
I can keep on patching stuff and pretend it will be fine but we have to be realistic and as long as we don’t know who the guy is and his motivation then he will keep on trying to break the servers.
And it’s also not like we’re a huge team of developers that is working fulltime on sever security like in big game titles.
It sucks but it is what it is for now, we sadly just have to accept it.


Dang, I could try to find out who did it. Who entered into that contest could you send me the info?
I would love to get this person banned. With their main account and all their progress lost cause of some stupid hack that ruins the fun of a tour.


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this man be hella sus


I would like to organize a tour but I won’t be able to play :frowning:


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It would be nice to have a tour that I could actually play in. Coming soon: Winner picks tour. Organizer: me


Damn it… I joined the Discord a few days ago mostly to keep an eye on tournaments :joy:
Anyway I bet this person (or these people) are just salty losers. I bet they don’t even have real hacking skills, they’re probably just script kiddies buying software on the dark web or something. They wouldn’t even be able to hack into any of my social accounts if they wanted to. Total pathetic losers :roll_eyes:


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it could be like a parent who really hates their kid/other kids and wanting to ruin it for them
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That already happened in November I think


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