[Official] Pickup Tournament Results



Hi everyone :wave:,

I hope everyone that took part in the tournament had lots of fun. I know pick-ups can be annoying sometimes for the average CFPro player :joy: but they are in the game so I thought it might be time to make a tournament with them. No worries they won’t come back to tours any time soon.

First up, big thanks to helpers <3 @the_hashtag @prabh @ItsTheRealMath
@Averazon’s angel voice :angel: blessed us with a great stream once again.
@theangelov recorded the finals :video_camera:

Now to the podium. Congrats to everyone reaching the finals. On the first place we got @big_aur crowning himself a champion on his first tournament participation. @Youu got second once again and would surely have deserved to win it as well. Third place for @Cat_Curver hohono :owl::joy:

Hope everyone had fun and see you at the next one!!! If you got any feedback just put it in the comments :joy:



Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:


Congratulations to you all who partook in one of my favorite cfp tournaments ,i hope to keep watching such an awesome matches,good job moderators and players