[OFFICIAL] - One Tap Tournament Conclusion + Video



Hello everyone,

Since many players did not come we had a somewhat hectic start. But that was it, the first tournament I was allowed to organize. First of all, I would like to thank all participants for their patience and appearing, I hope you had fun.

The final was exciting and here are our winners, congratulations to:

1st @Cole
2nd @Shen
3rd @74R45

Here’s the video of the final, thanks to @Robt44 for editing it, in my opinion you did an amazing job :joy:

Since you are stronger together than alone, I will contact all of you guys in the next days. I want to plan and organize the next steps, the next tournaments together with the community. I’m counting on your help, but more on that soon.



AWESOME. Congrats Cole for this amazing well deserved victory.

Although for me, the real champion of this tournament is hohoho. The only one who used 2 attacking powers and still was on the brink of victory (at one point atleast).

Nice video work.


if everyone actually wants to view it on YouTube I wouldn’t mind as I do not get any views if you watch it posted here.:rofl:
it only took about two hours to make. Over half of that was recording though; as I do unscripted videos, and I just have General ideas what I want to say. (edit: also the ten-minute recording of the game didn’t help)


I saw ur channel. I love it. I also used to play agar and slither a lot. And i also used 2 team in agar like that ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, not to get off topic but I’m going to anyway. I used to play those games and do all that stuff but I stopped playing some of those games because of the developers and how they decided to take the game especially agar because they sold out to Miniclip just to make a good chunk of change. they did not care about the community especially those people that were there from the start of the game and supported them. [me]

Also that was before I knew how to edit so those videos are bad and I didn’t do any voice over. haha



Aw i forgot about tour :c


gosh I played so cringy… xD


Wow, Cole, professional work from you! :wink:


Congrats @Cole and everyone else who participated.




Shut up :joy:


Thank you, Alpha! I am sure you would have won if you played!


taras beast ^^