[Official] One Power Tournament



I would join but I don’t think I will be ready a hour before it. :disappointed::disappointed:


Same, besides, i’m expecting alot of GMs and i do not wish to tear my Gold 1-2 rank to shreds


U need to be here 15mins before the start not 1 hour😄


Games will be unranked so your rank will not be harmed in any ways.


nope i did not go there


yea if i sign up i will actually play in it because last time i missed it.


If you didn’t confirm your attendence when you didn’t show up you are fine to play :wink:


OK. its my first time here


Discord is blocked (on my computer), soooo can I sign up here?


Why is it blocked? You could also use your phone :stuck_out_tongue: the thing is you wont get a reminder if you don’t sign up and you will have to message me a confirmation. 1-2 hours before the tour… If you do that you can join.
And you will need discord for the tournament. Results are posted there and you get easy accesss to the schedule there as well.


I’m not gonna sign up but it’s probably b/c I play curve on school Chromebook and discord is blocked too


I am pretty sure I can make it so count me in.


I play also, but its not blocked at home.


the tournament will be held on saturday may 18th btw,i think you might play that day at home,not school :wink:


I know it is but discord and all that is blocked on a school no matter home or not lol


fking school chromebook then lol


Dang it I have to go to a fair tomorrow Sorry. :frowning: I guess I won’t make it.


Why do you have a school laptop at home? Cant you use your own?


Well my district makes us take it home everyday… And there is no garauntee I could play because I don’t have a set time to play lol

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