[Official] Miners Tournament - Results



Hi everyone :wave:,

And again a tournament is behind us. I am aware that many are on holiday during the summer :sun_with_face: months, but I would like to thank everyone who took part.

Thanks also to my two co-moderators for their support :heart:. @the_hashtag @theangelov

This time we had a final in 3 rounds. I thought the final would be less based on luck, because you have to play 3 rounds well.


The one who mastered this best was @piotr3pl , congratulations on winning man. The podium was completed by @Shen (already his third final) in second place and @Leidernein in third. Congratulations also to you guys!

:one: @piotr3pl --------------------------------------- 686
:two: @Shen -------------------------------------- 602
:three: @Leidernein -------------------------- 563
:four: @theangelov -------------------- 525
:five: @ineedaeuro -------------- 457
:six: @Zero ------------------ 347

Here are the three final rounds, thanks to angelov for recording :movie_camera:!

Hope you all had a lot of fun and until the next tournament :heart:!


Congratz to the winners!


Congrats to @piotr3pl! Deserved champ - don’t think I’ve managed to beat you in the last 20 or so games we’ve played!


Yeah congrats everyone who participated for being so brave to play tournament :laughing::joy:


Congrats @piotr3pl you played three awesome matches. Deserved champ dude :wink: