[OFFICIAL] Last Man Standing Tournament Result



Thank you to all who participated in the Last Man Standing Tour! :cfp:
I hope everyone had fun playing and if you have any feedback on the tour please let us know!

Final results were:
1st: Whitesnake ( @whitesnake ) 400 :gem: + :crown:
2nd: krivi (@krivi ) 300 :gem:
3rd: Isar ( @Isar ) 150 :gem:

Prizes will be distributed very soon and I hope to see you all moving forward in more tours!


bruh who has time for this


tour was great, i had lots of fun since i managed to get to the finals and actually play for a period of time. was expecting the tour to be more like the last β€œlast one standing” tour but this was also good. next tour any powers? :eyes:


its rather long and sorry for some lags in between also discord messages will stop after game 1