Official Events of Curve Fever Pro!


Hello everyone,
I have created a spreadsheet about Official Events of Curve Fever Pro! It consists of description of the tournament, final’s results, top 3 standings, final(s) video(s)’ links and topic(s) about the tournaments. I will be updating it eventually, hopefully you will enjoy!
You can view the spreadsheet from this link:
Your sincerely,


Nice, would be cool to see a summary. For example for every 1st place you get 6 points for 2nd u get 5… and so on :joy:


I would like to advertise a bit the Curve2Go- Tournament Page :wink:
Check it out :smiley:


I did it for Curve Fever 3 but I am not sure if I should do it for Curve Fever Pro, too… We will see, maybe I will do it if many people want me to.