[OFFICIAL] - [CLOSED] Best Plays X-Mas Event


coool. But owl said that u shouldnt describe ur game cuz we all would know whos who and voting would be … compromised…


And where is possible to see the gameplay now?


only mods can right now. But owl will make a video off all submissions later and we will hv to vote which one we like.


Submit the video there and the gamer name doesnt have to be shown in the screen to avoid cheating while voting


send me to the top:grinning::grinning::grinning::grin::grin::grin:


UPDATE: The submission deadline has been moved back a little so now you have until the 24th of December (Monday) to submit an entry.


Thanks for the Christmas present <3


Round 2 or 3 of the Match Hy0f0ljl4.0 was insane!!!


This is just a reminder to send best plays into the email address given. Don’t message them here. Thank you :slight_smile:


i have an round where everything happened so quick in it that i didnt know what happened


The deadline for submitting your best plays has been reached.


There’s been an issue with the replay function meaning that I’m currently unable to create the video for the best plays event. It might be fixed by tomorrow but it might not be. Lets pray that it gets fixed :slight_smile:


Fixed the submitted replays. :raised_hands:


hi so how do we determine the winner?


The video will be released either tonight or tomorrow along with a poll to decide who the winner was.


Hoho 4 the win


ok can’t wait to see who wins


i wont win for sure :joy::joy:, but still would be nice


Will be released later today (sorry for even more delays) Taking longer than I’d hoped to edit :persevere:


It’s 22:52 and I’m still waiting :frowning: