[OFFICIAL] - [CLOSED] Best Plays X-Mas Event


EDIT: You can now send in just your match code and round number! You don’t have to record it!


This December we are going to have 2 official events! The first I will post about today and the second I’ll post in the next 48 hours.

This event is going to be the “Best Plays X-Mas Event”. It’s not a tournament, but a chance for all players to show off their skills by filming/ screen recording their best plays. We want to see your best plays showing off skills, curve control, accuracy, huge point increase, dodging ability - everything! So download a screen recorder (even a free, lightweight one with a watermark will do [and if absolutely necessary you can film your screen using a camera/phone as long as the quality is good enough]) and get recording! The best play wins!

:gm: Instructions:

For participating:

  1. Record your best play! (You don’t need to edit it at all.) Or send us your match code and the round number. The maximum length should be 1 round.
  2. Send it to: [email protected]
  3. The deadline for submission is 24 December 2018 - 21:00 CET

We will then edit them together into a video in which all “plays” will be anonymous and numbered.

For voting:
(Only open to those who have an account when this post goes live)

  1. Watch the video showing the community’s best plays (will be released later).
  2. Vote for your favourite.
  3. The deadline for submission is 30 December 2018 - 21:00 CET
  4. The play with the most votes wins!

(Developer votes and Public votes will be weighted 50% and 50%)

:skull: Rules:

  • Only 1 submission per player (no using 2nd and 3rd accounts to submit multiple plays). If you want to change your submission you may do so. If you submit multiple “plays” without stating which play you wish to be used as your final submission, the first submission will stay.
  • Only 1 vote per player (no using 2nd or 3rd accounts to vote multiple times).
  • No active promotion of your own play. You are allowed to discuss which one you think is best, but please don’t actively ask your friends to vote for yours.
  • Please try not to speculate which user submitted each play.
  • Anyone found in breach of these rules will have their votes discounted and their play disqualified.
  • Do not share your play on the official discord server. We want all plays submitted for the event to be as anonymous as possible.

:crown: Prizes:

Winner: Special X-Mas skin :blush:

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Screen Recorder Suggestions:

Ubuntu: The Software Centre has a program called, “SimpleScreenRecorder” which works really well :slight_smile:

MacOS: This function is inbuilt into MacOS Mojave: https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/record-screen-mac-3527168/

[OFFICIAL] - Best Plays X-Mas Event - Won by 6. hohoho!
Moving Forward with Official Tournaments [The End of OwI]

That’s what i’m talking bout :smiley:


Good idea and the best thing x-mas skin😀


Gosh, this is actually pretty cool :joy: time to think of something that nobody can pull of :joy:
Will this skin be unique? Like nobody else will ever get it?


Wow a skin!

Really nice!


wow who came up with this idea. this will also be actually fun for the “spectators” …amazing…



That would be too much. Maybe release it to the public later and make it slightly expensive.


So others will also be able to get this skin but it will be quite expensive - either people will have saved up or they might have to spend money whereas the winner gets this for free.


Those who are using Windows 10 can also use the (System) Xbox recorder.

First of all, go to the browser (Chrome/Mozila/Opera) which you’ll using to play.
[Windows button + G = Xbox’s Game bar] (You might need to login/register)

Once you open the Game Bar click record or you can use [Windows button + Alt + G] to record.
When you finish to recording, a tab on your down-right will pop-up with the recording.

And last thing, don’t switch programs while you are recording or it will stop!


Would be really cool to have a replay function for this :slight_smile:


haha I actually made a replay system. :sweat_smile:
The problem is that all the bugs in the game are very noticeable on the replay because you can scrub backwards so it’s quite buggy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Will see if I can spend some time on finishing it up.

Your last match hehe


Please implent this man, I will give you every cookie!


It will be really useful if they add it!
(It will be easier to upload a final + every single round from a tournament)


Yea actually I know about that one, but like you said it’s quite buggy. Would be awesome to have a working version :slight_smile:


i´ll try to submit some video xd despite i have a potato laptop xd, and angelov’s screen recorder suggestion didnt work in my potato laptop xd


Its my only chance to get this XMAS curve! Hope i Will win… or may i pay @Geert



For everyone who can’t record or who played amazing but weren’t recording, you can now submit a recording just by sending in your match code (visible in the match history) and the round number.

e.g. “My match code was HJb7g6kye4.1 and I had an amazing play in round 6.”

This way you can send in your best plays without having to record!


Round 8 of HyD1tXZeN.0 was insane!


i have a good idea to win this…