[OFFICIAL] - Best Plays X-Mas Event - Won by 6. hohoho!


The winner is 6. Yellow - @hohoho! Please contact @NoFlavor for your prize!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh @hohoho!!! Congrats on yo win. It was was wonderful play! Look forward to beating you when you have that skin on:)


gg :joy::joy:


Gjjjj @hohoho


Wtf there must be an error, my gameplay was horrible + i took a trippy fever


did all devs vote for me? cuz i have only 20% and blueracer 40% lul
good devs


Well to be honest most submitted plays were not that impressive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Blue racer was owl and he already has all Xmas skins so you got my vote haha. :blush:
Santa for president!


Hm, so it wasn’t anonymous :joy: that kinda sucks lol, if it is best plays then the best play should win imo :joy: but it is how it is congrats @hohoho


Congratulations hohoho!

  • Also, Happy New Year! <3


Also i didnt even send the good gameplay i think, so im rly surprised to see i won :hushed:
luckily it wasnt that bad


I am pretty sure only rojoss bothered to find out who was who so for the rest of us it was anonymous XD


luckily he did that, otherwise i would have lost :S


Nah I didn’t owl spoiled it himself :joy:
And hoho also said it… So yeah not so anonymous.


i told nothing???


Discord :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oops xD


All cheaters here :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Apparently telling someone who you r was against the rules lol


Yeah hohoho is banned which means I won. And i did say that it was one key O_O Can I have another candy skin roj?


Give everyone a skin that participated :joy: its only 8 people after all haha


How about taking away a skin from everyone who participated! :smirk: