[OFFICIAL] - Best Plays X-Mas Event - Won by 6. hohoho!


Welcome to the voting section! I’m sorry its taken so long to come out - my family put me in charge of making homemade ramen from scratch for 30 people today :persevere: (tastes good though :smirk:)

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you all!

Watch the following video and vote for your favourite play!

  • 1.Yellow
  • 2.Red
  • 3.Blue Racer
  • 4.Orange
  • 5.Red and Yellow
  • 6.Yellow
  • 7.Blue
  • 8.Red
  • 9.Jungle

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Votes will be split 50% - 50% between public and the devs. (Devs votes will be collected in a private poll).

Votes close in just under 48 hours!

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I Will vote for the most original one, Cuz its funnier c:


i like 6th yellow… the only one who won the round… AND USING 1 KEY … WOW


Its sad that we couldnt see last Cuz of bug :confused:


I like 6th but 7th also won the round. Both were super good, They may get in top 3


Argh, there was only one good play, maybe i should have upload something…


why is there nobody voting for blue??? and all for blue racer. i mean both were good, but blue was better imo
and how is yellow 2nd???


It is sad that you cannot see what rank the opponents had. It makes a big difference if you play againsts silvers or gms! For example winning a game with 1 finger is easy against silvers but agaunst gms ut is super hard. So it is hard to judge wheather it was an actual achievement by doing it against pros or a well easy task against silvers.


Ehh I saw 1 really good and 1 good play. Good job @Owl win is yours.


I don’t think that blue was special. He had just one good shot on yellow, while red was just probably silver or something, because normal player would not come close to be shot like that.
Blue racer shot 4/5 times on target on 4 different players with multishot which is hard and made double kill with speed. How can you compare it to blue at all?
Yellow was also good, but I even won games with one left key, so he could be better than just winning one round.
PS: Blue racer is not me :smile:


True. But you can tell from the standard of curving. 4.Orange obviously had the hardest opponents imo.


i tried it and believe me its harder than you think, even with silver


I won a whole game with one finger @hohoho :joy:


Hm idk its hard to tell imo :joy: would he great to see at peast the leagues everyone is in :thinking:


When will we have the final results? #congrats@blueracer


From what I seen in the video, in my honest opinion, I genuinely think Blue Racer has the best play style.


We will need to check that noone has created multiple accounts in order to have multiple votes. I also need to make the score the average between dev votes and public votes. Hopefully by some time tomorrow. I will close the poll now.


True :joy: but there is always the “who were the opponents” factor. If we assume they were all more or less the same then blueracer is obviously the best :muscle:t3:


Sorry I didn’t add the player strength. I didn’t have time at all today :confused:


To devs - blue racer already has a skin, yellow is best and most unique.
And yellow is not me.